A Man Named Joshua.

October 12, 2020

Continued from Falling in Love With You.

Now, sitting in her car she wonders aloud, “Dear Lord, is there one man in this whole broken world who—“

She stops herself from saying the words wrestling within her heart and instead finishes, “…who can help me write the next line?”

With a sigh she turns towards her companion—a box of books sitting next to her on the passenger seat—and as she is known to do in difficult times, she takes the book on top, closes her eyes, and opens up to a random page.

“John 10:34 Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?’”

With a chuckle on the exhale and a note to the side, Psalm 82, “This will certainly do!” She exclaims.

And then a gentle reminder to herself, “One step at a time…turn on the ignition, put the car in drive, foot off the brakes and now give it some gas. Goodbye my love…”


Thank you for reading. Your thoughts are always welcome here.

Author: NZain


22 thoughts on “A Man Named Joshua.”

    1. I think sometimes, I know it’s true for me, there is a want to rush through the healing process to get to the goal. The happy place. But it is important to take each step as it comes to learn and grow. To go through it, forgive it, let it be and move forward. Your support Steve is precious. 🙂🖐😺

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      1. Yes, I think most people want things to go quickly, everyone wants to be happy, hurt and sadness is not fun. Though I have not gone through anything like this, but hurt, pain can come in different ways too I guess. Just can’t let it pull us down, forgiving is important, it will soon be in the past and we can see how much we have learned and grown as we move onward to even better things. Support is always there Nina. Thank you so much, hope your day has gone well!😀🖐😻

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      2. Well said, Steve thank you. There is interesting research on the brain’s response to pain. So apparently emotional pain (hurt sadness etc.) registers in the brain in the same areas as physical pain. I find this fascinating! And you are so right—forgiving is important. Forgiving ourselves too.
        Days are getting shorter indeed. It’s only 7pm and I’m ready for sleep! Can you see the moon in the morning on the horizon where you are? I like it when the moon smiles. 😀🖐😺

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      3. That is interesting research and I certainly believe it. Yes, forgiving ourselves too is important if we want to move forward. I haven’t noticed the moon at all the last few days, must be lower or higher. If it’s higher it would be during daylight. Yes, it is nice when it does that. So cool this morning, the ground is frozen hard, we had some flurries overnight. Hurt my back this morning, typical me.🙄😀🖐😺


      4. Now if only Muffin could be taught to ‘kneed’ your back….🖐😻
        What’s also interesting to me is how the body will hold onto pain memories. Some scars are invisible. Some manifest as tightness in the body or other abnormalities. Crazy stuff!

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      1. Wonderfully said. God needs us (our hearts) to write the words…the ‘next line’. I have made a link to your blog on my next chapter in this series. 🙏🏻

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