“You are My Beloved…”

November 27, 2022

She was given a precious gift, which she would not receive. In her closed fist, she could not hold the warmth of its love. She struggled (in vain) against the weight of its truth…

Until one day–

She dropped (all pretenses) down to her skinned knees and let go (in a flood of tears) a heavy burden she had carried for so long.

And in exchange–

She received (finally and without much effort) the precious gift she had always longed for.

True Love so strong lifted her up (gracefully and effortlessly) to a place higher than her own fears.

A quiet place of perfect peace where The Source of All Love flows from an infinite spring (unsullied and unhurried…)

And in the stillness of her mind,

she heard clearly the sweet voice of God

(arising from the wounds of her heart)


“You are My Beloved…”

NZain. 💓

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Please keep sharing! What do you hear the voice of God say to you?

With so much love and gratitude,

Nina 🤗

If Only…One Day.

November 12, 2022

While speaking to a friend about loved ones who have passed, I asked him:

“What question would you ask God?” My friend wanted to know why God took the best of us–the ones he loved most.

Why is a mystery.

Sadness stings the heart

Memories when we were young

If only…one day.

Dear Lord,
My friend has a question for You.
He wants to know why
Is the sky blue?
The depths of Your love revealed
In butterfly wings
Your mystery concealed.

What would You have him know about the best of us who must ALL follow our own paths back to You…in ways and times that seem as unlikely as a caterpillar flying?

Lord, I confess the longing in my heart if only…one day to be with my friends and family again whom I miss—in my struggle here separated on earth—while they are at rest united with You in a place I hear is called Heaven.

And how would You have me live today to be of comfort and joy for a world so desperately in need of what was lost…and stolen from us?

In silence I listen, for the voice of God speaks softly to me ever present like the wind…

Like the wind, the Spirit blows where it will (see John 3:8).

Please share your thoughts. As always, I appreciate you!


Y Por Eso Rezo…And For This I Pray 🙏🏻

October 8, 2022

Sometimes, I find expressing my heart in Spanish to be a little softer. English translation follows.

He asked Her:

“¿por que tenes miedo?”

en mi corazón hay pasión y dolor
amor y miedo
alegría y tristeza…
así es la vida

mi corazón es poderosa
intensa sensual
amable… independiente

en mi matrimonio sufrí abuso intimo… él no podría amar todo de mí…no respetó mi cuerpo

y las palabras no coincidían con sus acciones

“Las personas dañadas lastiman a las personas”


hablo las palabras…y siento
la picadura
como un escorpion…en mi corazón…

porque recuerdo cuando el amor era dulce.

mis ojos estan llagria… el que no puede amarse a si mismo no puede amar a otro…

él no era un mal hombre … simplemente fuera de contacto consigo mismo


mi corazón está sanando…suave y lentamente
…quiero todo de amor.

¡Quiero sonreír para volver
a reír… y cantar!
mi corazón quiere bailar…
mi cuerpo quiere moverse
con un hombre
pero solo cuando hay confianza… respeto y amor…amistad.

las emociones de una mujer son difíciles de entender…habrá dificultades.

el corazón debe expresarse la…tensión es inevitable… pero podemos besarnos y reconciliarnos?

no quiero arrepentimientos

porque tú, querido, me inspiras—

mis instintos me preguntan:

¿Puedo confiar en que un hombre se mantendrá firme y enfrentará su propio miedo?

sólo el y Dios sabe la respuesta
y por eso rezo.

He asked Her:

“why are you afraid?”

in my heart there is passion and painlove and fearhappiness and sadness...this is life

my heart is powerfulintensely sensualfriendly...independent
in my marriage I suffered intimate abuse...he couldn't love everything about me...he didn't respect my bodyand his words did not matchhis actions

"Hurt people hurt people"


I speak the words...and I feelThe stinglike a scorpion...in my heart...because I remember when love was sweet.my eyes are tearful... he who cannot love himself cannot love another...he wasn't a bad man...just out of touch with himself


my heart is healing...gently and slowly...I want all of love.

I want to smile again
to laugh... and sing!my heart wants to dance...my body wants to movewith a manonly when there is trust... respect and love... friendship.

a woman's emotions are difficult to understand...there will be difficulties.the heart must express itself... tension is inevitable... but can we kiss and reconcile?I don't want regretsbecause you, dear, inspire me—

my instincts ask me:

Can I trust a man to stand his ground and face his own fear?

only he and God knows the answerand for this I pray.--

©️2022 NZain

I love and appreciate when you share your thoughts in the comments!

Intimo spirito moto sapio sensualis…naturalis✨

October 2, 2022

He asked me,

‘What do you want?”

Intimo spirito moto sapio sensualis…naturalis

The rawness of being softly nested

within the confidence of true friendship.

An intimate friend who is free to love and experience life’s joys…and sorrows.

Feelings aside,

are we compatible? Can we

allow each other the space

to have a tough day–

and be with

the inevitable lows that

come from being human?

Without the need to fix, change or control; can we

still be present within


in each other’s company without

disconnecting and checking out

even if we are in time out?

Does this make sense?

Can we stand on our own solid ground and yet still stand by each other’s side? And can we together build a strong foundation that will stand the tests of time.

Without so much emphasis on the “us”

can we just be “you” and “me” and patiently

allow the “us” to grow up together naturally,

overtime without so many expectations or

forcing a certain shape?

What does the container of “relationship” look like to you?

A woman who stands on her own

isn’t so easily swept off her feet

in a torrent of feelings. She doesn’t

rush in over her head

falling in love—only to be

knocked down and washed up

on disappointment’s shore.

She is steady

within herself knowing—

the constant ebb and flow of

life is a rhythm she dances…and she, determined

waits patiently for love’s unfolding is so worth waiting patiently for.

She senses the movements of heaven and earth feeling within her own body the expansion of galaxies exploding stardust into all she touches…softly…tenderly caressing the last rays of sunlight on your cheek before quietly pulling you into her warm embrace… gently kissing the moon.


Inspired by real conversations, with love and gratitude.

Remembering How on That Day the World Changed Once Again…For Ever. 🙏🏻

September 11, 2022

Remembering how on that day the world changed once again…for ever.

Do you remember ‘that day’? How has your life changed? And how are you adapting to change? Here, I know—I am traveling in good company. There is no reason to hide from changes already made.

Everywhere I look, beauty surrounds me, even behind me. And presently, I am looking forward (and both ways) before crossing this road into my future. Who knows what changes I will discover along the way…for ever.


Letting Things Be…

September 10, 2022

Letting things be as they are

not as I think they should be: this for me

is freedom. Accepting

what is just

as it is without

judgement or the need

to control or

even to change

any one



You tell me. (In the comments below)


Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts here. As always, dear friend, you are appreciated!

How I Look at You😊

September 4, 2022

If you could see yourself

as I do—for isn’t this why

we need one another—to shine in

each other’s light? In your

presence I am

all myself smiling—at you. Smiling

back at you; reflecting what

is already seen. If you could see

how I

look at you

then you would see yourself

as I do.


Tell Us Your Story…

May 15, 2022

Continued from I Thought to Write of Bloodshed and War…

Tell of the many hundred years

My grandparents stood tall in the forests

On the mountain sides breathing life for all and

Giving their lives—so that I could live.

Their stories I hold close in the treasure chest of my heart. Precious memories must be remembered and told often in times of war.”

“Go on.” said the pen, “Tell us more.”

Where to begin?

My ancestors’ end is my beginning so here will I start:

…and at each turn where once upon a time monsters stood guard—now only dust and flowers remained.

The end.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

With love and gratitude,

©️NZain 💚

I Thought to Write of Bloodshed and War…

April 14, 2022

I thought to write of bloodshed and war, but

The paper stared in blank defiance at the pen poised en garde in my left hand.

And then, said the paper to the pen,

“Not a single drop will you spill this day on my sacred ground.”

The pen, utterly confused not knowing quite how to respond looked up at me for some sort of reassurance. I however, in complete amazement at the courage of a single piece of paper to resist atrocities of words–simply lay the pen down.

After a long retreated silence; the paper, pen and I began peace talks.

“What would you have me write, dear paper?”

And the single piece of paper, with a fresh blush of encouragement, looked up at us both, “Write of my ancestors—the trees—and the water which formed and shaped me.

Tell of the many hundred years

My grandparents stood tall in the forests

On the mountain sides breathing life for all and

Giving their lives—so that I could live.

Their stories I hold close in the treasure chest of my heart. Precious memories must be remembered and told often in times of war.”

“Go on.” said the pen, “Tell us more.”

To be continued…

With love and gratitude,