In My Pocket a Silken Thread

April 30, 2021

Through eyes of lust is the world viewed

Selfish intentions to get what is needed to survive

Thinking only of one’s own interests and

How can I make this pain go away?

This deep suffering,

“You hurt me!”

How can I forgive you?

How can I see in you the very same Self in me

Wanting to love and be loved

Wanting to know

Life is meaningful and worth the effort to be alive?

For all of its mishaps and blunders

Stumbles and falls…

There is a secret deep within the soul if we are willing to put aside injuries and blame;

Willing to see what is already there

What has always been there

Waiting to be seen with loving eyes wide open

Washed clean in a flood of tears

That threatens to destroy

This bridge between

You and me...

In my pocket I hold onto

A silken thread

As durable as hope and as

Beautiful as life itself.


This Love Am I Becoming…

April 24, 2021

This love am I


Out of shadows a

Hidden gem

Behind an apparition—

Only an image of love.

True love


Pure awareness of

The unchanging


Ever present Self

Within the heart of every being.

Stain of my sorrow

Washed clean

In a flood

Under a bridge

Standing tall…

Am I becoming

This love.

Ever to behold

Knowledge of

One within

All without

Fear without doubt.

There can be no doubt when

Faith, rising from its own experience,

Lifts the soul to a place

Where no worry can follow;

Leaving behind no trace of sorrow

Only the question

Where did she go?

She is no longer hiding;

She is becoming

This love.


This Emerging Love…

April 22, 2021

This love beyond passing feelings of sweet ecstasy and momentary bliss—

Which I could not endure—for the sake of a deeper love to emerge and sustain me

Through cold nights of lonely misunderstandings. This love was unknown to me

Until feelings of passing desire subsided for the sake of a deeper love.

Within me grows a love powerful and courageous knowing both success and failure;

Undaunted by life’s passing feelings of happiness and sorrow.

This emerging love for You residing in the heart of every being* moves my soul ever closer to knowing You as the Self residing in my very own heart.

*inspired by my life with you and the Bhagavad Gita.

–NZain 🙂