January 22, 2019

Dear You,

I was reluctant to publish my personal story, but you inspired me to share it, and I am so glad you did! Thank you. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do. It means the world to me to know you care for this precious existence.

Years of emotional abuse and cult brainwashing left deep scars on my psyche that even I couldn’t see. And, the realization I had become my own worst nightmare was devastating. How could I have let this happen? Worse, how could I have continued the cycle of abuse with my own husband? But of course–I was a child.

I was the victim of a most insidious and cruel form of abuse that when left unnoticed, goes untreated. Admitting this to myself was the first step on the long and difficult road to being well and able to speak my truth–my whole sweet truth:

I survived, never to be silenced again.

When I so desperately wanted to give up, to retreat back into the comfort of my old cocoon–to not face the ugly darkness of my reality–you were there, a bright light of encouragement and a kind soul indeed.

So, instead of giving up, I chose to continue along the path which led me here to create this blog and openly share my personal story. What started as a way to reconcile a painful past, grew into a collection of poems I call, And From Your Ashes I Arise Ch 1

May it be a source of inspiration for anyone who has had their own heart broken-wide-open.

(Yes, even trolls are welcome here, but beware–I might just dedicate a poem to you!)

May this blog be a place where we can encourage one another to grow up in grace, strength, humor and kindness. And may we come to understand the true power of words.

Healing is possible. It is never too late.

This is for you, Mom. May you also find your own way home.


N.Z. Robotewske

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