January 22, 2019

Dear You,

I was reluctant to publish my personal story of childhood emotional abuse, but you inspired me to share, and I am so glad you did! Thank you!

When I wanted to give up and retreat back into the comfort of my old cocoon–to not face the ugly darkness of my reality–you were there, a bright light of encouragement and a kind soul indeed.

So, instead of giving up, I chose to continue along the path which led me to create this blog. What started as a way to reconcile a painful past, grew into a collection of poems I call, And From Your Ashes I Arise Ch 1

May this blog be a place where we encourage one another to grow up in grace, strength, humor and kindness. And may we come to understand the true power of our words.

Healing is possible. It is never too late.

This is for you, Mom. May you also find your own way home.



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