And From Your Ashes I Arise Ch 6

“…it crosses a line into verbal-abuse and abuse left unnoticed goes untreated…”



I hope


don’t mind

me saying this:

But lately,

I’ve been


On what is it


I find so

charming about you.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I like sharing time with you!

And it doesn’t matter we don’t see

each other for weeks






(I’m glad to know you miss us too

and we are also in your thoughts…)

So what it is then?


Believe me

when I say

I’ve put some time into this riddle.

Ok. Here goes:

Nowhere have I found a place (until now)

where I can be so vulnerable—and still feel so at ease.


I said it.

Nothing like a good vent between friends, eh?

Are you blushing?

You can always make me laugh..

…and I always feel better.

You laugh at my jokes—

and don’t take offense.

You never take sides.










Seen without you.

Of course

my worst







or not

Hurt you—

That would break me.

I pray, Lord keep you safe always.



“…you two had a grand-falling-out I heard. You ok?”

“Yeah. Thanks for asking. I’m ok. Laughing about it now…

The only thing bigger than that man’s mouth is his you-know-what! HA!

But lately, it seemed something was wrong—

I didn’t know it’s been wrong-every-time-he’s-seen-me.”


“Yeah…that hurt…

Maybe stress is getting to him? Maybe too much small-town politics?

Stubborn man…and I’m fond of his kids—”

“Nuts don’t fall far from the tree!” Interjected the Friend.

“Well, that’s for darn-sure! When I saw how his daughter disciplined her

puppy (a puppy for Pete’s sake!) I can see how she must have been treated as

a child. It’s just plain sad to watch…I didn’t know what to say…but I

think I made it very clear my dislike of that-kind-of-language—it crosses a

line into verbal-abuse and abuse left unnoticed goes untreated…”

“Because if you come right out and say, ‘what you are doing is emotionally

abusing your pet’, she will deny it.”

“Yep! Then come the excuses…I know, I’ve heard it before. I had to walk

away…and such a sweet puppy! Playful and affectionate. I dont blame the

puppy for ‘not listening’ and how can I blame the girl?”

The Friend looked down thoughtfully and then spoke up,

“There must be a kind-way to let people see the harm their words and actions

cause others; let them know (without a confrontation):

Your words are crossing a line into verbal abuse territory and I would

appreciate if you took three steps back and a deep breath in.

You know…help them to break the cycle.

Better for them, better for everybody!

So ok, back to your story—what happened next?”

So he said to me:

“Then how about we

just don’t


to each other


and that will


the problem!”

“Brilliant!” (disbelieving-laughter from the Friend)


each day

that passes

i actually

feel more





“You aren’t angry?”

“No, I’m not angry. Disappointed yes. But angry?


(It’s not like the first time

I’ve opened my heart

to someone only

to have it broken.

But that was many years ago…

Today. I. Am. Strong.)

And if he were standing in front of me right now I would say,

‘What kind of a fool-of-a-man disrespects another man’s wife?

Do you not see you disrespect us both?’

But until that day comes,

I’m not holding my breath—

I have a family to care for and a home to keep.”

“Amen to that!” Said the Friend. “Is there more tea?”

The End.

Author: NZain


11 thoughts on “And From Your Ashes I Arise Ch 6”

  1. Ok, I am at the end, chapter 6, glad I read them all in one clip. I think I might have discovered your age but I won’t post it. I am 73 by the way, lots of water has passed under my bridge as my mother use to say. I tried to draw my husband into a deep conversation about something from you post, a quote… it crosses a line into verbal-abuse and abuse left unnoticed goes untreated…”. It brought back memories of a time when I knew with every fiber in my body that two little toddlers in our church were somehow being abused. I could not prove it but those two have come to my mind whenever I read about abuse of anykind. My husband was the teen pastor at our church and one year I had 24 girls in my cabin. By the four evening of camp six of those girls came to me about being abused. Each one begged me not to tell anyone. I still to this day keep in touch with them by social media. Only one is still open and has seen her abuser put in prison. These girls were junior and seniors in high school. So I walk around with a broken heart for these kids such as you and me. The bible is clear, for me anyway this is nothing new and is not from God at all. We come into a broken world to broken parents and will live a broken life if we do not seek help. You have encouraged me to be fierce in my prayer God give me deep discernment so I will see the red flags when I meet someone who needs a hug or a kind word. It’s my passion and fierceness that is hard for my husband to take at times. Like today, should not have mention all you post is making me ponder. Most men have a nothing box they say but I know for sure I do not have one. But I do have a huge God loves me and loves all box so I will put your post and you in it. Pleased to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Betty for your kind words here and for sharing your story. I so appreciate it!

      We are at the moment in the middle of a very dangerous fire situation here in Oregon—I will read more of your comments and respond to you soon. Please pray for us. I believe in the power of prayer. We are under attack from arsonists. We need rain. 🙏🏻💦


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