Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 4: The Monster in the Forest

April 8, 2020

Continued from Chapter 3: Into the Forest

“Grandmother.” The young woman insisted, “Please continue the story.”

The old woman shifted her gaze towards the open window where sunlight filtered through lace curtains casting long shadows on the parlor floor; incense smoldered final offerings up to God in whom she hoped was well pleased. For a moment she considered the countless others who sat in the very same chair as the young woman did now—each with their own unique story.

Each with their own unique monster.

And then, with a rush of memories transporting her back in time to her own foolish youth—she smiled at the young woman, “Tell me something about the boy.”

“Well,” The young woman with teacup pressed to her lips, (caught off guard) blushed, “He has the brightest smile of anyone I’ve ever seen. He is smart and funny. Strong and sometimes awkward. (there she giggled) His eyes are so kind and yet there is something in his eyes—sadness. He was hurt, but he won’t open up to me about it—and it makes me crazy frustrated! Hmmmph.” She sighed. “I love him. I just wish I could reach into his broken heart and heal whatever it was that hurt him.”

His monster.

The old woman thought for a moment, still counting, still praying for guidance…

“It takes the courage of a hero to love someone bruised by life, no? The desire to heal his heart is natural, honorable, and—“


“He must be ready and willing for his heart to heal; however, I admire your determination.”

At these words, the young woman relaxed her grip on the teacup, sat back in her chair and with a heart softened by the simple act of being heard and acknowledged—was ready to listen…

“Upon seeing the strange monster, the girl unable to speak, unable to look away shrieked in horror, but the boy, simply asked,‘Can’t you understand? She needs me.’

Now, the girl didn’t understand. There, in front of her, embracing the boy she so dearly loved was a creature like a spider with the face of a woman. ‘But, I need you’ was all the girl could say. Hearing this, the spider-woman turned to the girl, and in a mocking tone, ‘Oh don’t be so needy, little girl.’

Then the spider caught the girl with its two front legs, overwhelming and imprisoning her in a sticky web of confusion. The more the girl tried to fight her way out, the worse she became stuck. And from inside her prison she could hear the boy saying ‘Wait! Don’t hurt her!’ But the spider-woman laughed, ‘I’ll deal with her later…’ so the girl found herself in quite a difficult circumstance.”

And here, the grandmother stopped, “Now, I must rest, my dear. And you must as well. Go home and rest. But say a prayer the Holy Spirit may guide you and speak to you tonight.”

“There is still so much of the story to tell! What happens to the girl now? And what becomes of the boy? May I come and see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. God willing, you may see me tomorrow.”


To be continued…

Author: NZain


19 thoughts on “Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 4: The Monster in the Forest”

  1. Ah that makes more sense now. Monsters that we have buried inside our hearts. Is someone willing to accept us with our dark side, with the monsters that devour us and the ones we feed!


  2. This was amazing! Sometimes we bury monsters inside of us hoping someone esle would come and take them our for us… and my grandmother would do this too! She would tell us half of the story and leave the other half

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked this story, thank you! Yep. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. I think I’d like your grandmother. Is this who you inherited your storytelling gift from?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It certainly comes through in your writings! I think storytelling is a different kind of medicine—and I would say that you are a Doctor of storytelling.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The spider sounds like a demon that the boy has been dealing with. He got so used to it that it’s a friend rather than an enemy. The girl upon seeing the monster knew this to be unnatural and in need of healing so that it could be removed, but the monster would not allow it-it wants to stay. The boy, in his foolishness, thought the girl could see his broken and understand. But she was not the glue he needed. Not because of her, but because he wasn’t ready for anyone to be his glue.

    Liked by 1 person

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