Falling in Love With You.

October 12, 2020

Continued from I Love You. I Divorce You. I Set You Free.

She gathered her belongings, shook her head and quietly laughed, “When did I collect so much yarn and what was I planning to make that I still have yet to crochet?”

And then, she recalled those fateful words he said to her so many years ago, “I think I’m falling in love with you…”

Now, no longer afraid to speak her peace, or questioning whether her words have lost their relevancy—she pens a quick note:

What’s the point

Holding onto your painful past memories when

Here we are in this present moment and

You will never have this time with me again?

You grieved for her then.

Now, will you also grieve for me?

I hope your heart may heal from all the hurt it has ever known and may you learn to walk in love without ‘falling’…with your heart as clear and open as your eyes, able to offer the best of yourself and able to receive the best of love. I hope this for me too. May it be in peace.

Tucking her note into his lone coffee mug, looking around the kitchen (where together they spent so much of their time) one last time—she walks away.

And now, sitting in her car she wonders aloud, “Dear Lord, is there one man in this whole broken world who—“

She stops herself from saying out loud the words wrestling inside her heart and instead finishes, “…who can help me write the next line?”


Author: NZain


8 thoughts on “Falling in Love With You.”

  1. You are your own Inspiration🤍😊… I think we can learn from every situation and draw light from every person… just got to have the right perspective.

    I know in the last few years I’ve tapped into the masculine aspect of my personality a lot more. The yin and yang so to speak. It’s nice to have the energy coming from within. Though a sweet guy is always a cherry on top😊🤍🍒.

    Love that you’re keeping the positivity! Want to see what happens with all that yarn too🧶🧵! Seems like a lot of potential and possibility awaits. 🌟🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mia I’m so glad you picked up on the yarn. There is a whole world of creativity and inspiration waiting to unravel…and perhaps a new blog with it.

      The yin yang masculine/feminine energy—you and I could talk for days about this! 🙃

      A sweet guy is definitely a cherry on top. Hmmm…guess that means we are the ice cream🤔

      Yes, I think so too—we learn from every situation…and every person. It’s our perspective that counts. I am learning much from my husband.😊💓🦋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amazing so glad to hear that ::)!! Yea ice cream sounds about right! Look forward to reading more of your posts – and totally could talk about yin yang for ages :):)


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