Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 1: The Meeting.

March 30, 2020

“Don’t talk to me of love!” The old woman spat one hand counting on her rosary the other making gestures toward the heavens, “You know nothing of love!”

It was true.

The young woman who came wearing a tailored business suit and expensive leather shoes felt the sting of embarrassment (pretending she might somehow impress the grandmother) but the old woman was too sharp–and too compassionate. She saw right through the young woman’s insecurities.

And this, the young woman found comforting.

“Now,” the grandmother continued in a slightly softer tone with an accent reminiscent of old fairytales, “You would like to hear a story, no?”

It was for this very reason the young woman sat in the strange parlor and why the old woman’s reputation as a storyteller brought her not only fame but infamy as well. Some said, “she is a witch!” as they were frightened by her stories and what they might reveal. Others came with large amounts of money expecting great boons.

“Fools!” she would say turning the latter away and shrugging her shoulders at the former.

“Some people think they can buy what is already inside, and others are too afraid to look.”

And so, the young woman who sat in the very same chair as many others had before, (listening to their own stories told for the first time) pulled up her lungs and her courage and with a determined exhale…”Yes, grandmother. I would like to hear a story.”

To be continued…

With a heart full of gratitude,


Author: NZain


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