Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 7: The Letter

April 18, 2020

Continued from Chapter 6: Emerging From the Dream

The young woman got up, looked down at her hands, “It was just a dream.” But she knows some scars are seen only on the inside; and some wounds, if left unattended, never heal.

Coffee in one hand, pen in the other, she sat down to write a letter:

Dear Andrew,

Hi. About the thing that happened between us—I’m concerned. As long as the elephant remains in the room, and we ignore it hoping it goes away, we are just making things worse for us.

I love you too much to do that and while it’s breaking my heart watching you struggling and I wish you could open to me, I also accept that I can’t struggle for you. It was naive of me to think I could follow you to ‘the ends of the world’—some places I just can’t go.

Maybe you would be willing to talk to a professional? Know that you have my full support!

I’ve also been talking to someone—and she has helped me so much! Do you remember the old lady with the pretty rose garden, the woman we called ‘grandmother’ and were so frightened of as kids? I’m going to see to her this afternoon…maybe you would like to meet her?



PS. I’m breaking up with ‘us’. You see, I’ve met someone special I would like to get to know better—me.

Beth sealed the envelope with a kiss, headed straight to Andrew’s apartment and quietly taped the letter to his front door. With a sigh and a prayer she quickly walked away thinking only of grandmother.

To be concluded…


I had some help writing this letter:

Author: NZain


11 thoughts on “Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 7: The Letter”

  1. Oh I am so glad that you wrote the seventh part! 🙂 Beth is right. There are some battles that need to be fought alone; Beth is fighting the battle to win her love for herself back and Andrew needs to fight his demons himself.

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