Real Neat Blog Award🏆

May 3, 2020

Hi! A real neat blogger

Who writes from her heart–


Nominated me–

And that is pretty neat!

So, from one real neat blogger to another, thank you!

And I think you

(especially if you are reading this right now)

Are also pretty neat!

You brighten my day

And inspire me.

I am grateful for our virtual friendship (thanks WP!)

And your kind supportive comments.

I appreciate the effort you make with your blog. So…

Congratulations! I nominate you!

You are a Real Neat Blogger!

Thanks, Dear Kitty!


Author: NZain


29 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award🏆”

    1. Aww thanks, Steve. I sure do appreciate your kind words and friendship 🥰
      I am having a great day—it’s raining sideways and watering in the sunflower seeds I planted🌻🌻🌻 a nice rainy day to nap says Mr. Cat…hope you are having a good day too and feeling better.🖐😻

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      1. It is a cold and very windy day here. Good day to get things done inside. Muffin agrees with Mr. Cat, kind of an all day nap!
        Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m feeling better or not, like today. Oh well.
        Birds are busy today, and chipmunks. Skamper tried to walk away with my finger instead of the peanut! Happens every year.😂😹🐿
        Enjoy the evening!😁😻🖐

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      2. Haha! Skamper—that would make for great video, Steve!
        Some days I feel better than others. Take it as it comes I guess. Uhhgg.
        You enjoy your evening too!🖐😻😁

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      3. That’s true, but it always happens when I don’t have my camera handy! He likes to hold on too, I can pick him up that way and he won’t let go. It takes coaxing him with a peanut to make him let go finally.😂😹🐿
        Thanks Nina!😁😸😻🖐

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