Hope and Pretty Dresses…and Wild Mustard Flowers.

May 1, 2020

Happy May Day!

Sometimes I need to step away from the computer and crochet…and then I start to miss everyone. 😊. Wishing you all a happy healthy weekend!


Nina πŸ’“

Author: NZain

Finding my way forward...

26 thoughts on “Hope and Pretty Dresses…and Wild Mustard Flowers.”

  1. That looks so cute! My friend dabbles in crochet matters too, and she made me a banana in pyjama- it’s a cartoon show. I just love the intersections of wool and how it makes a tapestry. It’s so satisfying to see. I don’t know why xD

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    1. Yes! β€œsopu” they called all the different greensβ€”we too ate them regularly. Amaranth greens were a favorite. We ate well. It’s neat to hear how many moms crocheted…it’s been good therapy. Hope you are well, PunamπŸ’“πŸ˜Š

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