Hope and Pretty Dresses…and Wild Mustard Flowers.

May 1, 2020

Happy May Day!

Sometimes I need to step away from the computer and crochet…and then I start to miss everyone. 😊. Wishing you all a happy healthy weekend!


Nina πŸ’“

Author: NZain


26 thoughts on “Hope and Pretty Dresses…and Wild Mustard Flowers.”

  1. That looks so cute! My friend dabbles in crochet matters too, and she made me a banana in pyjama- it’s a cartoon show. I just love the intersections of wool and how it makes a tapestry. It’s so satisfying to see. I don’t know why xD

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    1. Yes! β€œsopu” they called all the different greensβ€”we too ate them regularly. Amaranth greens were a favorite. We ate well. It’s neat to hear how many moms crocheted…it’s been good therapy. Hope you are well, PunamπŸ’“πŸ˜Š

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