Once In A Flower Moon Lullaby.

May 7, 2020

Once in a flower moon–

When the world





I saw you smiling

Humming a sweet tune…

Once in a flower moon

When the world





I heard you singing–

There is beauty in the




And joy in




Author: NZain


10 thoughts on “Once In A Flower Moon Lullaby.”

    1. Good morning, Steve. Thank you—yes a California poppy. Flowers are so pretty right now…we are however in fire season already as of May 1st—earliest in over 50 years! So it’s been a little busy here trying to get wood chores finished before we get shut down completely. He cuts and I stacks…winter is right around the corner…☃️

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      1. Beautiful poppy and such a great pic!😁📷 It’s quite dry here too so all of northern Ontario is a restricted fire zone since April 1. The river is the lowest it’s been for this time of year and right now dropping about 3 inches a day which is a lot.😳
        We haven’t barely reached spring and you’re talking winter! I know it’s necessary to start early on the wood though, we used to do that back in my teens when we used wood heat a lot.🙂
        I was much too close to a bear on my walk yesterday, now I’m nervous.😬 I mentioned it on my post this morning but didn’t really say how close it was, might scare some people.😳😳🐻


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