Grandpa’s Perpetual Compassion Dynamo. “A Complex Machine”

December 19, 2020

This next chapter is written in collaboration with my dear engineering husband who understands both complex machinery and compassion.

Continued from Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

A complex machine.

“Come, Jenny and sit in the operator’s seat.” Grandpa stood up to reveal an old metal chair with what looked like wire braids attached to it. “It’s a part of the machine.”

“Is that knob real gold?” Jenny’s bright eyes were now wide with fascination, “Where did you find it, Grandpa?”

“Yes, real gold, Jenny! Precious metals have interesting electrical properties, you know.” and then with a sigh, “I wish I could afford to experiment with them more!”

A gold knob, just the right size, attached to a gear, and behind it, more gears. A light touch of the gold knob made the many gears move round and round spinning and whirring in what Jenny called, “a dance”.

“Grandpa,” pointing to a rather large braided wire, “is that wire also made of gold?”

“That’s called a Hepta Litz configuration. Have you ever heard of anything so silly? Seven strands of gold and functionally perfect sliver. And do you see those wires, the ones so carefully wrapped in the donut shape? I know you like donuts. (Jenny blushed and giggled in agreement) That donut is called a toroid and it took me years to wrap all those wires–years and years! They had to be just right you know.”

The more Jenny looked, the more wires and gears and bits she saw.

“I feel electricity when I touch the knob!”

“Of course you do. You’ve become a part of the circuit. The most important part!” And with a serious twinkle in grandpa’s eye, “I searched the whole world over to find just the right charge storing device, my dear granddaughter. I experimented with axial designs. I tried radial designs. I even tried using tantalum, have you ever heard of tantalum? (Jenny shook her head) It’s special and rare, but not special enough.

You, dear Jenny–because you naturally and instinctively understand what it means to be compassionate—are the special part!”

“I am?” Jenny squealed with delight.

“Go ahead and turn the knob Jenny, but remember to focus your thoughts on what it means to be compassionate, ok?”

“Ok, Grandpa. Got it!”

And turn the knob she did…

…one gear touching another and another, her small motion amplified many times.

Large magnets moved in circles close to more gold wires and she began to see a warm glow from inside pretty glass tubes buried deep within the complex machine. Then Jenny turned to her grandpa with eyes as big as dinner plates as she had the distinct sense of her hair standing on end.

“Yes, my dear granddaughter, remember: the more we focus our thoughts (inside) on compassion–, the more compassion we make (outside) in the world!”

Thank you for reading, your “likes” and comments! I appreciate each one.

To be continued.

NZain & O 😊

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