Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

December 12, 2020

This story about an imaginative grandfather who likes to invent, and his likewise inquisitive granddaughter Jenny, is inspired by a kindhearted soul who wishes to remain anonymous. M’dear, you know who you are.

Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

“Hi Grandpa! Whatcha making?”

“Well, this here Jenny, is a Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo”

“What’s perpetchool…?”

“A perpetual-motion machine: this means something like, ‘the more compassion we give, the more more compassion we receive’. Does this make sense?”

“Hmmm…” and then after a long thoughtful moment, “Grandpa, what’s compassion?”

Grandpa looked deep into his young granddaughter’s eyes and seeing his own inquisitive nature reflected back at him, “Jenny, do you remember the time when we were in the playground with your grandmother and a little boy fell off the swing and was crying, and you ran over to him and helped him up and said ‘it’s ok, little boy, I’ll help you’ and you did! You helped that little boy get back up on his feet.”

Jenny nodded and then smiled, “Yeah, he was scared, but he was ok. That’s compassion?”

“That’s just one example of compassion. There’s plenty more ways to be compassionate. And that Jenny–is exactly why your old grandpa is building this compassion generator!”

“To generate more compassion? Hmmm…so how does it work, Grandpa?”

“Can you think of other ways to be compassionate?”

“Mmhuh. I think so.”

“Ok then, Jenny do you see this gold knob? I want you turn it to the right—just like this—and think about other ways you know how to show compassion.”

Jenny closed her eyes for a moment and then, “Ok. Got it, Grandpa!” And she turned the gold knob and the dynamo began to spin and ‘whirrrr’. To Jenny’s delight a soft light began to glow. “Wow Grandpa! It works! It really works!”

“It sure does, Jenny! It sure does.”

“Wait a minute, Grandpa…why does it work?”

To be continued…


Thank you for reading chapter 1. But why does Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo work? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😉

Author: NZain


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