20 thoughts on “Carl Jung Quote”

  1. I think it’s true. When I can see the traits that hurt or annoy me in someone else, I can look within myself, to better myself. We cannot change anyone else, maybe even not the situation around us, but we can change self. Become the best “me” we can be! 💜 Just my opinion and thoughts.

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  2. True, I think. Everything has something to teach us if we are open to learn. It doesn’t have to mean that the irritation is something that is also in yourself. You could learn something about yourself by the way you react to whatever it is. Why do you feel the way that you do about whatever it is. And I agree with Renee that we can never change others. We can only affect change in ourselves. 💚🤗🦋

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    1. Suzanne, I’ve been pondering your words the last couple of days—in between trying to sleep off the Covid vaccination. 😴

      Key words—if we are open to learn. Not taking what other people do or don’t do personally—as if we are the cause…how we react. What is triggering the reaction? Having compassion for the other person’s experience. It’s complicated. Thank you so much for your insights—I need to write in my journal…😊🌷🦋💚

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      1. Yes – there’s the thing – to not take it personally as if we are the cause. Everyone has a thousand things going on inside and we don’t know the half of them. And To have compassion for the other person’s experience gives us compassion for our own. We are so often so very hard on ourselves…. 🦋💚🌷☺️

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      2. We are so very hard… Just to step back and let the other have their thousand things—without adding “our personal thing” on top…some breathing room to let everyone relax and focus on themselves. The irritation becomes a Pearl. 🦋💚🤗

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