You Chop I Stack…

December 13, 2020

…together the work gets done! And when you and I together, sit side by side– both warming ourselves by the fire–we share equally in the rewards of our labor. This, have I learned from nature: no one can take this away from me!

Not by ideological force or deception, coercion or theft; no, not even by silly name calling! I can’t stop the violence now going on all around me; (let it come) I can however, stop the violence within me. The battle is already won and God is victorious! Do you not understand?

So even when all seems lost and nothing but a hopeless nightmare, do I know deep down within my heart–this life that I call ‘mine’ is but an ever-passing dream! And one day, one day I will wake up…but today–today there is wood to chop–and stack.