The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 5: The War

June 27, 2020

Continued from chapter 4

The War

There was a time,

(It was said) when

All the people were a ‘single community’—then

They began to differ;* each believing in his own mind

To hold the ‘one truth’


To all


And so,

The people



First within themselves—then

Amongst each other.

They became slaves first

To their own selfish desires

(Thinking they were their own masters.)

So when the lie

You will never be good enough…”

Repeated over and over…

And over again—

Appeared to be real

(In their minds)

They became slaves to each other.

No one dared question lest they be outcast and humiliated

(Better to be validated) and for a time all seemed well within the communities.

But the yoke became heavier and heavier

(It could never be enough) as the people who ruled

Struggled to maintain the lie–

A few brave individuals turned to one another and said:

Enough is enough! I am enough. You are enough. Together, we are more than enough!”

And then




From which the people who were once a single community never fully recovered.

To be continued…I hope.


*With respect. The Message of the Quran