The Price of Delusion

November 19, 2020

Continued from Walking Amongst the Clouds.

The sign over the entrance read:

“Getting clear of

The confusion that

Rattled my soul; the dark-

Myst of delusion took it’s fare toll.

And settled


An even darker


There is only

One way through—

All the way




End–which is

Of course just

The Beginning…”


“My dear Arielle, before I continue with my dream let me share with you something I learned from the ants: Our mother may reject us. Friends may leave us. Always there is this possibility so look within your own self and—“

“—remember who loves you?”

“Exactly! Throughout this life we must take care of ourselves and—“

“—each other!”

“Yes. And each other.”

At this point, the two shook hands in agreement and made a vow to always care for one another.

“When I realized my anger was irrational, my thoughts turned around, looked me straight in the eyes and asked, ‘Is it true?’ But where did you go? I had to find you. So I left the garden and the ants to their work in search of you. Along the way, I met a couple who told me their names were Trust and Surrender. I asked them if they had seen you, but they just smiled and asked me, ‘What is it that covers the eyes so that the heart cannot be seen?’”

“Shame.” Arielle answered. “It makes me want to hide.”

“Yes.” Chaitan replied. “Me too.”

“So what did you do?”

“I repeated the names of the couple over and over until tears flowed washing my eyes clean.”

“Really, Chai? As simple as that?”

“As simple as that, Ariellah.”

“But why then, Chaitan were you so surprised to see me alive? What happened to me?”

To be continued…

NZain 😊

Thank you for reading.