I Am Not The Source…✨

February 26, 2023

I am not the source. The Source is within me. If you look to me, I will only reflect back what is already inside of you.

Turn within, towards your heart and sense the same Spirit given to us all by Christ Immanuel (my Beloved brother) Jesus who knew the pain of a heart broken by betrayal and also the enduring love of forgiveness who said, “Forgive one another…”

There is one who would, in your grief and a hopelessness, offer you a cloak of shadows to cover your pain and hide your broken heart from God. This is a lie. For we are told God is near the broken hearted…

…within our hearts calling to us, “My beloved son! My beloved daughter! Here am I always with you! Never will I leave you.”

Who can hide from God?

Take off the cloak, give it back to the devil and say, “Here is your shadow-self returned to you and for a little while rest quietly in the darkness until even you are returned to the Source of Light that is All loving and All forgiving.

We are all a part of the story of mankind and of human kindness; held forever in the mysterious hands that create, sustain and destroy in order to create again and again…and again.

Sense your own mysterious hands touching the broken heart of another. Sense the sharp edges that cut deep through the layers upon layers of pain. Hold this pain tenderly, softly just as you yourself are being held. Stay with the pain…sense The God who has the power to heal within you loving wholeheartedly!

All loving and All forgiving.

I am not the source. The Source is within me. Always near calling my name, “Turn within towards Me that I may shine My Light on your face and you may reflect My Love and forgiveness onto the broken-hearted that they may also re-turn towards Me!”

Past the shadows

Through the pain

Into the place where

Love calls us each by name–

“Here I am waiting for you to receive All that I have to give you! My Child, open your hands…”

Enter in.