Loving the Unlovable.

November 21, 2021

There is in me a piece

Unloved. For this piece is

Unlovable. Unruly.

Even I don’t like this piece.

And yet, there is in me this piece.

(Unlovable and unloved. Unruly.)

A piece of my whole being wants to

Take something for fear of not having it and

Doesn’t understand how

By acting this way

Something is lost.

Something is always lost and then,

Must be be recovered.

Again and again–

Until this piece learns to be a lover; learns

To be a integral part of the whole.

Learns to play by rules meant not to punish, but to provide.

Learns to be lovable and loved…and so much more than just a piece.

Already this piece is listening and recognizes the pain caused to the whole of my being and that’s enough for now. It is enough now, just to sit with and embrace this piece, lonely and frightened, with the whole of my being, in love, allowing this piece to feel love move through the whole of me…kissing away tears and smoothing back judgements. It is enough for now.

With love and gratitude,

NZain 💚