How Do You Love Me?

September 26, 2021

My mother was born in a Berlin bomb shelter; the hope and desperation of her people that life must go on. I carry her burden in my heart…

Would it help you to know that sometimes I too cry because the “thing” we all desire and can’t seem to manifest—world peace—depends entirely upon us becoming peaceful within ourselves? I struggle too. Sometimes I laugh to hold back my tears because I want you to see me as strong and capable; I want to protect you from the truth—the same way my family wanted to protect me.

How is it we can be so cruel to one another when our very existence depends upon cooperation and mutual support? *You need me as much as I need you to see me, hear me and understand that I do genuinely care; you matter to me. Without you, there is no us and we cease to be. Without me, how will you be seen, heard and understood? How will you know what it feels like to be genuinely cared for by another? To be loved.

Perhaps, you also carry a burden in your heart that weighs you down with the heaviness of emptiness? The soul cries out into the dark night, “I am not enough!” The body hears the cry and responds, “I will protect you, dear heart.

And in silence a deadly pact is made.

Weary of this burden carried since birth; my heart is breaking through these dark prison walls. I long to savor the warmth of morning sunshine on my skin, and feel the sun’s radiant light entering my body—dispelling my fears. “I am enough for this one precious life” says the One who died to show me the way through suffering and surrendering to all that is beautiful within the human spirit.

Loving kindness. Compassion. Joy. Acceptance.

Our suffering is the opportunity to see and hear and understand one another’s pain. Our surrendering is the healing we all desire, and the miracle is we exist to love one another as we love ourselves. Let me ask you, right now in this very moment—how do you love yourself? How do you love me?

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With love and gratitude,

©️2021 NZain 💓