At The Water’s Edge.

November 20, 2020

Continued from The Price of Delusion

The water’s edge.

“As I surrendered and began to trust, (tears freely flowing) a powerful change came over me; I was as a newborn baby. Innocently vulnerable—my heart wide open—but unstable. I needed to rest.

And so, by a cool crystal-clear stream I lay down.

All around me beautiful images played as if I watched a movie on a screen. And deep within me, Arielle I can’t quite explain it, a strong desire grew—I knew I was being watched.

Sitting up at the water’s edge I saw for the first time, my own reflection. Such a strange and unexplainable feeling!”

“Chai? Who was watching you?”

“A strange creature with a beautiful face, stood over me. She invited—“


“Yes, Arielle. She.”

“Hmph.” Arielle crossed her arms, “I don’t think I like this part of the story.”

“And yet, this is a part of the story that must be told. But don’t worry, Ariellah–it was after all–only a dream.”

“Hmph. Continue.”

“She told me that for some time she had watched me and it would please her greatly if I came to her house for tea. As I too desired company, I willingly accepted the invitation. For how long I stayed there with the creature, I cannot say as time began to lose it’s effect on me—“

“Or perhaps the tea she gave you had an even stronger effect!”

“Perhaps. Dreams can oftentimes feel so real as if we have stepped into another world…or another’s dream…” Chaitanya gazed off into the distance as if still looking for this other world. Then returning to Arielle, “What do we truly understand of our world? What do we understand of our place in the world?”

Arielle remained quiet for a moment; then,

Smiling, “Go on, Chaitanya. Finish your story. I want to hear how the dream ends.”

To be continued…


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