Intimo spirito moto sapio sensualis…naturalis✨

October 2, 2022

He asked me,

‘What do you want?”

Intimo spirito moto sapio sensualis…naturalis

The rawness of being softly nested

within the confidence of true friendship.

An intimate friend who is free to love and experience life’s joys…and sorrows.

Feelings aside,

are we compatible? Can we

allow each other the space

to have a tough day–

and be with

the inevitable lows that

come from being human?

Without the need to fix, change or control; can we

still be present within


in each other’s company without

disconnecting and checking out

even if we are in time out?

Does this make sense?

Can we stand on our own solid ground and yet still stand by each other’s side? And can we together build a strong foundation that will stand the tests of time.

Without so much emphasis on the “us”

can we just be “you” and “me” and patiently

allow the “us” to grow up together naturally,

overtime without so many expectations or

forcing a certain shape?

What does the container of “relationship” look like to you?

A woman who stands on her own

isn’t so easily swept off her feet

in a torrent of feelings. She doesn’t

rush in over her head

falling in love—only to be

knocked down and washed up

on disappointment’s shore.

She is steady

within herself knowing—

the constant ebb and flow of

life is a rhythm she dances…and she, determined

waits patiently for love’s unfolding is so worth waiting patiently for.

She senses the movements of heaven and earth feeling within her own body the expansion of galaxies exploding stardust into all she touches…softly…tenderly caressing the last rays of sunlight on your cheek before quietly pulling you into her warm embrace… gently kissing the moon.


Inspired by real conversations, with love and gratitude.