Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 6: Emerging From The Dream

April 14, 2020

Continued from Chapter 5: The Dream

“So you think you are strong enough to contend with me, silly little girl…”

But then, the spider-woman seeing the sword, knowing the immense power the girl held—drew back a step.

“My but what a pretty sword!” she cooed, “You really should be more careful. You might hurt someone.”

“Who are you?” The girl asserting herself demanded an answer.

“A friend of your friend. A clossse friend. I would like to your friend too.” The spider-woman came within whispering distance to the girl; the girl tightened her grip on the sword.

“You are no friend. You only use who you need to keep yourself alive.”

“Oh come now, don’t be such a drag! Have a little fun…relax a bit…he might even like you better…”

“You are NO friend!”

“I AM HIS PAST and it’s ME he loves!”

The girl raising her sword with both hands high above her head, “Don’t talk to me of love! You know NOTHING of love!”

Spiritus Sanctus

fortitudo mea!*

And she with all her might brought the sword down cutting off spider-woman’s leg; but not before spider-woman sank her fangs into the girl’s hand.

Both screamed out in pain. The monster retreated into the shadows.

The boy hearing the screams, “What have I done?” And coming to the girl’s side, “My love, you are injured because of me.”

“Quickly now! Take my sword and finish it…” The girl stopped herself searching the boy’s eyes for an answer she so desperately wanted to see; however, she knew what she must do. Plunging the sword into the ground—in the space in between—she looked deep into his eyes, “For if and when you are ready, my love.”

The boy thanked the girl and then, “I brought you here to this dark place and you have shown me courage and compassion, giving me strength to face this beast within myself. But I see now this is mine alone to overcome. I must face her alone.” And then tenderly kissing the girl’s wounded hand, “How will you ever forgive me?”

She looked up, smiled (‘By the love of My sacrifice’) and said nothing…

When the girl reached the edge of the dark woods, there standing in the sunlight was an attractive middle-aged woman wearing a grey cardigan, “I’ve been waiting for you”

The girl surprised, but pleased to see the woman, “How did you know I..”

“Show me your hand.” And turning over the girl’s hand to inspect the spider’s bite, “Hmm…you will probably carry this scar for the rest of your life, but in time, it will heal; and the pain will fade…”

With a gasp the young woman emerged from the dream, jumped out of bed and immediately set out to the task at hand. She knew now what needed to be done.


To be continued…

*Holy Spirit

be my strength.

Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 4: The Monster in the Forest

April 8, 2020

Continued from Chapter 3: Into the Forest

“Grandmother.” The young woman insisted, “Please continue the story.”

The old woman shifted her gaze towards the open window where sunlight filtered through lace curtains casting long shadows on the parlor floor; incense smoldered final offerings up to God in whom she hoped was well pleased. For a moment she considered the countless others who sat in the very same chair as the young woman did now—each with their own unique story.

Each with their own unique monster.

And then, with a rush of memories transporting her back in time to her own foolish youth—she smiled at the young woman, “Tell me something about the boy.”

“Well,” The young woman with teacup pressed to her lips, (caught off guard) blushed, “He has the brightest smile of anyone I’ve ever seen. He is smart and funny. Strong and sometimes awkward. (there she giggled) His eyes are so kind and yet there is something in his eyes—sadness. He was hurt, but he won’t open up to me about it—and it makes me crazy frustrated! Hmmmph.” She sighed. “I love him. I just wish I could reach into his broken heart and heal whatever it was that hurt him.”

His monster.

The old woman thought for a moment, still counting, still praying for guidance…

“It takes the courage of a hero to love someone bruised by life, no? The desire to heal his heart is natural, honorable, and—“


“He must be ready and willing for his heart to heal; however, I admire your determination.”

At these words, the young woman relaxed her grip on the teacup, sat back in her chair and with a heart softened by the simple act of being heard and acknowledged—was ready to listen…

“Upon seeing the strange monster, the girl unable to speak, unable to look away shrieked in horror, but the boy, simply asked,‘Can’t you understand? She needs me.’

Now, the girl didn’t understand. There, in front of her, embracing the boy she so dearly loved was a creature like a spider with the face of a woman. ‘But, I need you’ was all the girl could say. Hearing this, the spider-woman turned to the girl, and in a mocking tone, ‘Oh don’t be so needy, little girl.’

Then the spider caught the girl with its two front legs, overwhelming and imprisoning her in a sticky web of confusion. The more the girl tried to fight her way out, the worse she became stuck. And from inside her prison she could hear the boy saying ‘Wait! Don’t hurt her!’ But the spider-woman laughed, ‘I’ll deal with her later…’ so the girl found herself in quite a difficult circumstance.”

And here, the grandmother stopped, “Now, I must rest, my dear. And you must as well. Go home and rest. But say a prayer the Holy Spirit may guide you and speak to you tonight.”

“There is still so much of the story to tell! What happens to the girl now? And what becomes of the boy? May I come and see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. God willing, you may see me tomorrow.”


To be continued…