Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 3: Into the Dark Forest

April 6, 2020

Continued from Chapter 2: Boy Meets Girl

This time, the young woman arrived wearing a comfortable white cotton sweater, relaxed jeans and sneakers. As she approached the grandmother’s front door, an unfamiliar scent greeted her.

“Come in, dear.” The old woman moved around the parlor with incense. “Sandalwood. From India.” And then, passing the incense above and around the young woman, “For purification …and protection.”

She returned the incense to a small table under an open window where the swirling smoke danced playfully in the gentle breezes and lace curtains.

Both women sat down. The younger eagerly anticipating to hear the words of the older; smiling nervously, breathing in the exotic fragrance, and settling into the chair. The older, closing her eyes, fingers counting prayer beads, making a gesture with her well-worn hand to her heart:

Spiritus Sanctus

purificare cor tuum servo suo

peur Deus servo tuo*

“Now,” began the grandmother as she poured tea, the delicate scent of roses mingling with sandalwood; an ethereal marriage of time and space, “If I remember correctly, our two young lovers were just about to enter into a dark forest, no?”

“Yes, yes–and the girl is frightened.”

“Ahh, but the boy turning to the girl in the hopes of reassuring her says, ‘My love, there is nothing that together you and I cannot endure.’ And of course, she wanting to believe in him, straightens out her shoulders and with a brave smile–agrees to follow.” And here the old woman paused and looked the young woman in the eyes, “She is one courageous girl, eh?”

“Courageous or foolish.”

“Yes.” Sighed the grandmother with a wink. “Only the truly wise know when they are truly foolish. The rest of us have to wait and see. But the girl would not wait. And although she knew it may be dangerous, so deep was her love for the boy, she ventured deeper and deeper in to the darkness until she was completely blind. She clutched the boy’s hand more tightly–afraid to let go.

Then, in the distance they saw a strange glow that seemed to beckon them. ‘Hurry!’ The boy said excited to reach the light. ‘What is it?’ The girl asked. But then, releasing the boy’s hand and covering her mouth in shock, seeing the monster—“

The grandmother suddenly stopped, slowly sipped her tea and watched the young woman’s expression turn cold.

“Please, grandmother.” The young woman boldly urged bringing the teacup to her lips. “Continue my story.”

To be continued…

*Holy Spirit

Purify your servant’ s heart.

Protect Your boy.