Grandmother Storyteller Chapter 2: Boy Meets Girl

April 1, 20202

Continued from Chapter 1: The Meeting

And so the young woman who sat in the same chair as many others before her, (listening to their own stories told for the first time) pulled up her lungs and her courage and with a determined exhale…”Yes, grandmother. I would like to hear a story.”

The old woman still counting on her rosary, with lowered eyes, whispered a prayer:

Spiritus Sanctus


cor meum.

Ego sum servus Deus.*

Then, after a thoughtful moment asked, “Tea?” with a mix of pride and humility, “From my own garden.”

As she poured pink liquid into two porcelain tea cups, the scent of roses filled the parlor.

“Mmmm…”. The young woman sipped the pink brew; inhaled, and then, settling into the chair, allowed the fragrance to work its magic.

The old woman began:

“A long time ago a boy met a girl and they fell in—

—to a trance where neither could see the other as they truly were–

Only a reflection of themselves, to which both were quite pleased.”

“And the boy said, ‘Come with me and I will show you things you have never seen before.’ To this the girl replied, (and here the grandmother spoke in a high pitched quixotic tone which made the young woman giggle) ‘Oh my beloved, you will I follow to the ends of the world and to the end of all time.’”

“Sounds like somebody we know, eh? This was her first mistake, no?”

“Yes, yes” the young woman nodded in agreement blushing the same color as her tea.

The grandmother continued:

“So off they went together hand-in-hand sometimes pushing, sometimes pulling—“

“—Sometimes kicking and screaming.” Interjected the young woman.

“Yes. Sometimes kicking and screaming.” And here the old woman gazed out the window and then shook her head as if to shake off an old memory. “But sometimes laughing too, yes?”

The young woman through a single tear agreed, “Yes, sometimes there was laughter.”

Again the old woman continued:

“So off these two kids went until they came to the edge of a strange dark forest where the boy stopped and said, ‘We must go into the forest. In there is someone who needs me.’”

“Now, the girl did not want to go into the dark scary forest and she protested, but the boy said, ‘You promised to follow me.’ So, in they went.”

And the young woman sitting on the edge of the chair, “Grandmother, what happens next?”

“Ah, you will have to come back again for now my time is up and another is waiting.”

So, the young woman thanked the grandmother and promised to return another day.

She went home, kicked off her expensive leather shoes, and said a prayer.

To be continued…


*Holy Spirit

Shatter my heart.

I am Your servant.