The Retelling of an Old Tale.

November 14, 2020

“Chai?” The girl whispered with tender affection to the boy still asleep.

No reply.

“Chaitan?” She lovingly called out his name once again.


“CHAITANYA WAKE UP!” And with a heart-full-of-a-mighty-lion’s-roar

The girl pounced on the sleeping boy just as he–

“ARIELLE!” (Chaitanya’s eyes now wide awake) “You’re alive! I dreamt of you and…”

His voice, anxious, trailing off with…a sigh of relief.

Arielle, quite satisfied she had now fully awakened the boy, settled back onto her elbows and with one eyebrow encouragingly raised, “Go on, Chai. Tell me about your dream.”

You and I, Arielle, walked amongst the clouds, as we so often do, but

A strange dark-mist arose obscuring the entire world from view—“

“Chai?” Arielle interrupts with a purr and gazes deeply into Chaitan’s watery eyes, “Tell me in plain English.”

The two laugh heartily,

Embrace one another tenderly—and


Relaxing into a comfortable state of ease,

Chaitanya continues:

“I lost all sense of you…”

Thank you for reading. To be continued.