This Emerging Love…

April 22, 2021

This love beyond passing feelings of sweet ecstasy and momentary bliss—

Which I could not endure—for the sake of a deeper love to emerge and sustain me

Through cold nights of lonely misunderstandings. This love was unknown to me

Until feelings of passing desire subsided for the sake of a deeper love.

Within me grows a love powerful and courageous knowing both success and failure;

Undaunted by life’s passing feelings of happiness and sorrow.

This emerging love for You residing in the heart of every being* moves my soul ever closer to knowing You as the Self residing in my very own heart.

*inspired by my life with you and the Bhagavad Gita.

–NZain 🙂

If I Were to Die Today. A Love Song ❤️

March 27, 2020

This song, sung in a Patsy Cline sort of soulful country twang way, is about a break down in communication between lovers, things left unsaid, and the inevitable.

If I were to die today

What would I leave behind?

What memories would you have of me

What secrets would you find?

I’ll write it in a love letter and

Hide it in a book–

Place it on a shelf, my Love

Where I know one day you’ll look…

Don’t be afraid.

Say what’s on your mind.

Share what’s in your heart.

One day it may be too late.