Winter magic❄️

December 28, 2019

The end of the old and beginning of the new! Woohoo! A time full of possibilities and endless creativity. A good time to ask:

What inspires me?

How can I contribute to society?

Who encourages me?

Where is happiness found?

I’m asking myself these questions for the first time, with a new perspective; fearlessly looking ahead with eyes opened–where will the road lead us? A new adventure. I’ve packed a heart-full of gratitude to lighten the load and see me through the dark days still to come…

Death and rebirth is a blessing; completely natural so be of good cheer!

On civilization’s long march towards humanity–towards civility, respect and decency–don’t give in to despair. We are worth the struggle. This, I am sure of. My faith is strong.

Keep struggling! We are not alone on this crazy awesome journey! The best is yet to come even as we lay the past to rest in the ruins of our folly. We have traveled so far and learned so much.

Today, I celebrate the beauty of the winter season. Harsh. Cold. Dark. And yet, there is hope in the winter sun.

Be well, dear friends. I wish us all a joyous and prosperous New Year! May God bless us.


NZain 💓