Andúil’s Sorrow

December 4, 2020

The final chapter of The Retelling of an Old Tale.

A tender-heart

She does seek.

Words of cunning

Does she speak–

To poison the mind

Against the soul—enmity

Is her goal.

And so, the tale of

Andúil’s Sorrow

Ever must be told;

Take care tender-heart, lest ye forget, and

Upon you should

Her addiction take hold…

In all my ways

She did I desire,

So within my mind was kindled a fire–

That burned my very senses

In an all

Consuming blaze–

So that my defenses were destroyed

For the length of my days…

Oh Andúil’s sorrow!

Her addiction will never appease

Empty promises of pleasure

Only ever a tease

To keep the tender-hearted

Ever craving her dis-ease!

And so

One by one,

They return to Andúil

Begging on their scabby knees;

The tender-hearted, hooked and hollow eyed demand, “You must help us…” (and with a pitiful cry) “…please.”

And to the one who lost, yet overcame

No longer to be be sold,

Real compassion turns




A new tale

Now be told:

Of the battle betwixt mind and soul–

And of the Lion-hearted;

Deep within the fragile self,

Compassion’s seat–

A true stronghold—never again to be parted.

The end.


Thank you for journeying with me on this tale of hope and the human condition.

May these words inspire beauty, compassion and hope.

The Retelling of an Old Tale.

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I’m Stuck and Need Help! Please.🙏🏻

Andúil’s Sorrow

Dreams Within Dreams

November 25, 2020

Continued fromImplications of Our Actions.

And the tear that




Chaitanya’s cheek

Was not for himself






He cherished.

The one he knew

He had failed

To remember…

“Dearest Chaitanya, 1008 lifetimes have you and I together traversed the Universe. Always I am with you. Always…you forget me. Always you get yourself into trouble!”

The boy lowers his eyes and stares at his feet. The girl, lifts his chin with a gentle touch of her hand (smiling), “But you know my heart is stronger than that!” Both he and she laughing now at the realization of the dream within the dream, settle back into a state of ease:

Arielle continues.

“When the dark-mist rose (as it so often does), when we walked amongst the clouds, and all sense of me, was lost to you–I went to the place pre-arranged—the place wherein dwells the angel (you know of whom I speak). There the angel and I did wait, (three days and three nights alone) until the time you and I had pre-agreed: that I should call out your name.

Your name at first did I call quietly, then louder, and louder still—until you awoke from your dream (within the dream)—and remembered the place we prearranged to meet–should you ever lose all sense of me.”

Chaitanya now gazing into those crystalline eyes, “Arielle, you give me courage and hope to overcome, each and every battle we may encounter together.” And now with a twinkle in his own freshly watered eyes, “And I Myself, the most stubborn battle to overcome—“

“God willing 1008 lifetimes may we yet be reborn together!”

“So that I may remember—“

“Who loves you and me?”

You know me!”


Arielle with a delighted giggle, flung her tiny arms around Chaitanya’s neck, and kissing him sweetly on the cheek, “It’s time go Chai. Time to be born.”

And Chaitan taking in a deep breath before softly sighing, “To the place wherein dwells the angel?”

“Yes, Chai. If in this lifetime you should ever lose sight of me…I’ll be right behind you. Do you remember what you told me? What the ants taught you?

Our mother may reject us. Friends may leave us. Always there is this possibility so look within your own self and—“

“—remember who loves you?”

“Exactly! Throughout this life we must take care of ourselves and—“

“—each other!”

“Yes. And each other.”

So with one last embrace of well wishes and hopes; diving in head first


“See you soon, Ariellah!”







She could just discern faint cries of the babe as she herself ready to dive in—

“Yes Chai. See you soon.”

Almost the end. To be continued…

–NZain 💓

Thank you for taking this journey through the inner-self with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my retelling of this old tale. May the words told here create beautiful images in your own mind’s crystalline eyes. May you too remember who loves you.