Alone In A Crowd.

October 27, 2020

Continued from Unpacking My Self

Just outside my window

Layer upon layer unpacking body, mind and soul.

What lies hidden?

What truth remains–

To be seen?

And heard…

Alone in a crowd

All seemed

“Perfectly normal” except

To the one who

(Hiding behind false pretenses)

Locked behind the weight of her own hollow eyes—she felt

The weight—what could she do?

Perfectly normal

Insisted she remain quiet for the sake of those

Around her


Would rather not know

The awful truth. And


What could they do? (Better not burden those already

burdened with troubles of their own.)

Unnoticed by most, she waited

Until the day her wings

(Ready or not)

Would carry her to a place where

She, alone, could finally


A place where lies are separated and discarded—truth

Neatly folded and placed on the top shelf; a place called Home.

And now reflecting back on the years

With grace-filled eyes,

Accepting the losses of shattered dreams,

Picking up broken pieces, discarding them too–I am

Clearing space for new ideas to emerge; my wings neatly

Folded and placed on the top shelf—I am home.


A place inside of quiet refuge and rejuvenation

Surrounded by things that matter most.

Things soothing to the senses and

Necessary for nourishment of

Body, mind and soul.

A place where routine becomes ritual and

Each day is a blessing from God…where angels are invited to play

And seek shelter in the storm.




Place. Tangible. Real.

Built on a solid foundation to last a lifetime.

Life takes time to build and time is precious: everyone knows this.

Do they? Then why in the world would they want to destroy—?

There is no answer.

No reasonable answer.

Self-abuse is still abusive.

I am concerned with angels. I cannot change the world.

I can clean my own home and make this place a place of beauty and order.

A place where even gods find refuge.

I have work to do…


Thank you for reading.