Show Me As You Truly Are

October 6, 2021

New moon.

I am tired today. One more day of class. I can make it…

We did an exercise in ethics class on intention where we quietly sat with a partner and the questions were asked of each other internally:

How can I help you?”

Mmm….warm comforting healing giving nourishment.

How can I fix you?”

Makes me feel sick in my guts. I am not broken!

Show me as you truly are.” and my partner said to me:

“I saw you with sparkles—balls of light dancing all around you. Then I saw you lying on the grass with your arms out at your sides—and I realized that you were making the sparkles—they were coming from inside of you. You were laughing; playing with lights.”

Then she told me I bring joy to class. So why am I tearing up writing this?

Because he couldn’t see me as I truly am? Because he wanted to fix me?

And I him?

Show me as you truly are.”

Even if you are feeling grumpy today…show me. Know that I won’t try and fix you. And unless you tell me, I can’t help you. I can however, be with you as I truly am…playing and laughing with the sparkling balls of light inside of me.

Something to think about.

“How can I help you? How can I fix you? Show me as you truly are.”

With love and gratitude,

Nina 💓