If Only…One Day.

November 12, 2022

While speaking to a friend about loved ones who have passed, I asked him:

“What question would you ask God?” My friend wanted to know why God took the best of us–the ones he loved most.

Why is a mystery.

Sadness stings the heart

Memories when we were young

If only…one day.

Dear Lord,
My friend has a question for You.
He wants to know why
Is the sky blue?
The depths of Your love revealed
In butterfly wings
Your mystery concealed.

What would You have him know about the best of us who must ALL follow our own paths back to You…in ways and times that seem as unlikely as a caterpillar flying?

Lord, I confess the longing in my heart if only…one day to be with my friends and family again whom I miss—in my struggle here separated on earth—while they are at rest united with You in a place I hear is called Heaven.

And how would You have me live today to be of comfort and joy for a world so desperately in need of what was lost…and stolen from us?

In silence I listen, for the voice of God speaks softly to me ever present like the wind…

Like the wind, the Spirit blows where it will (see John 3:8).

Please share your thoughts. As always, I appreciate you!