The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 2: The Legend

June 13, 2020

Continued from Chapter 1

The Legend.

There was a time when

Chaos and Darkness ruled

All the land. And then, a single light

Rose bright in the Eastern sky

Establishing Order and

Abolishing the Lie.

And when the first Queen Mother said to

Her people:

“For as long as

My garden shall be cared for,

So shall there be peace in the land.

Who will tend my garden?”

A young woman of about sixteen stepped forward, “I will.”

At this, the Queen smiled and was greatly pleased knowing that while chosen, the Queen’s Gardener must also choose.

Then the Queen asked, “Who will protect the King’s land?”

A young man of about twenty stepped forward to the young woman’s side, gently held her hand in his, and respectfully bowed to the Queen Mother, “I will.”

And the King, also pleased, smiled kindly.

And they, together with their friends and family for a thousand years worked alongside one another in service to the First Light.

But then, something strange happened.

And the light began to diminish…

To be continued.