In Between Your Words…

January 29, 2023

In between your words and

The meaning left behind them–

I took a trip around the world landing in

Exactly the same spot!

Who said,

“You’re broken!

And as for being “unredeemable”

I am here to tell you,

You’re loved.”

Beyond measure. Perhaps beyond reason. But

That’s the beauty of love! Love doesn’t need a reason.

Maybe that’s why we’re so afraid of love…we can’t control what

Love does or doesn’t

Do. We’re powerless over love…and so

We grieve when we think love is lost. But

How can love ever be lost when love

Is right here right now always transforming moment by

Moment in the space between your words and their meaning;

We are never separated from LOVE! Ever.

And yet…in this pain so deep and unspeakably real; there is a

Profound truth and beauty in grief.

When I say the words, “I love you” I mean that

I hold your pain close to my heart as a tiny creature to be cared for.

Do you get the picture?

I also long to hear the same words “I love you” from someone who

Means what he says…but maybe that’s just too much to ask of another.

I asked God to hold my pain. And

This is how I say to you will full confidence,

You are loved.”