Last Out of The Box.

December 14, 2020

If we have

No more faith

In our

Electoral college and

We voluntarily give up our voting rights to machines—then

This is it. The end of our America as we know it.

The idea of Self-governance is an impossibility.

Lay down your freedom.

Are you ready for this?

Because you lose what you fail to protect!

Do you not understand?

You would sacrifice






In this world

For the

“Promise” of

Something better…(that you really think will make you happier?)

Others likewise have believed. Then they learned the hard truth. The hard way.

Some (my own grandparents included)

Found refuge in America.

Listen to their stories.

They know




Are at risk

To lose…

…Still, it is not too late. Isn’t Hope always

Last out of the box?

And the best stories the ones where the hero overcomes all self-doubts at the eleventh hour, rediscovers courage deep within and just when all hope seems bloody lost and–a sign appears in the sky.


Thank you for reading. May God bless…