I Love You. I Divorce You. I Set You Free.

October 10, 2020

This is the first chapter of a new series I am currently writing. May it be in peace.

You made me feel so good.”

Until the affects wore off

As all drugs do

After a time…

I love you. I divorce you. I set you free.

Two kids, broken and damaged, met one fateful day—a perfect match.

Disregarding all wisdom—throwing caution right out the front door—they married.

And then, slowly over time, realizing (having shut themselves in)—

I love you. I divorce you. I set you free.

As they, together,

Cautiously pushed the door open—at first just a peak—light came streaming into

The home they,

Together, built upon a shaky foundation.

And as they, together,

Stepped outside—

The whole thing came crashing down! However, they


Were safe.

No longer two kids broken and damaged—just simply two humans—perfectly matched; he turns to her, “I am sorry.” And she in return, “Me too.”

I love you. I divorce you. I set you free.

As the dust began to settle and as far as they could see—

All around them a garden full of weeds.

Weeds they had sown. Together.

Bitter weeds. Medicinal weeds. Weeds that must be pulled up by their deep taproots, carefully brewed into a powerful decoction, taken internally (with caution) and sipped slowly so as to savor each painful drop. Drop by bitter drop—no sugar coated words—truth is already sweet enough: medicine goes where medicine is needed.

Now I am free to speak my peace—truth held clenched in my throat—by my own hands.

“Thank you.” She turns to him and smiles.

And he in return, “I love you. I divorce you. I set you free.”

(divorce: from the Latin dīvertere—to depart)

Where the path diverts he stands to one side and she is free to make her own choice—which way she will go?


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