Loving You Goodbye…

April 1, 2021

Loving You Goodbye

Loving you with no expectations of

Rewards in the future or

Love returned; just love for the sake of love

Because loving you this way feels right—

I am changed. Forever.

And this feels good…

No longer compelled by fear of losing you; the gift of love is simply that. A gift.

And I give freely to you, my love, for the many years we traveled together through hardships and misunderstandings, joyous discoveries and precious moments sipping coffee together in the early morning hours. Precious time. Not lost. Not forsaken.

You and I

Two beasts

Searching for beauty

Searching for true love

To save us from ourselves; we wanted

To be loved…and

Only now, are we truly learning how to love.

I am not ashamed to say,

“I am not finished loving you, my friend.”

This love I have for you goes deeper than the darkest hell we survived when we made each other look deep within our own selves to find our true selves amongst the debris of broken vows and angry words so carelessly tossed about like rotten old garbage. We were there all along…just waiting to be rediscovered in the hush of morning twilight when the sun, just about to rise, gives new hope to all the world. We were there.

This journey we chose from the beginning to walk together is coming to an end. Soon, we will choose to say goodbye. But until that final day, I make you this new vow, my husband: to cherish us completely and nourish all that is within our souls.

With love,