“In a Perfect World”

December 11, 2020

“In a perfect world.”

How many times these words crossing the lips of the disgruntled (myself included) have

Caused more unnecessary suffering in a world that already hurts?

“In a perfect world wars would not exist!

And neither would I.

In a perfect world no...!”

No ‘what’?

No shortcomings or faults?

How limited our understanding of


And how we limit ourselves…

I am not perfect.

I am just right.

And I live, in a world, that is, just right.

Oh I could go on; try to convince you and

Write a thousand and eight ways in which this world already is—

But what’s the point?

You won’t believe me and I will just be wasting precious time.

No. I won’t try to convince you of anything.

I will just calmly carry on (perfectly contented) and perform all the necessary little things I need to complete all tasks at hand and make this a most splendid day!

And tonight, when at last, I rest my tired body knowing full well tomorrow (God willing) I have another opportunity to continue to bring to completion all that remains–I will with love and gratitude genuinely—thank all.

I won’t try and convince you.

It really is this simple.

The inspiration to write this piece by Lorene M. who passionately writes about writing and has just recently joined the WP community. Thank you Lorene for brightening my day! 😊



Andúil’s Sorrow

December 4, 2020

The final chapter of The Retelling of an Old Tale.

A tender-heart

She does seek.

Words of cunning

Does she speak–

To poison the mind

Against the soul—enmity

Is her goal.

And so, the tale of

Andúil’s Sorrow

Ever must be told;

Take care tender-heart, lest ye forget, and

Upon you should

Her addiction take hold…

In all my ways

She did I desire,

So within my mind was kindled a fire–

That burned my very senses

In an all

Consuming blaze–

So that my defenses were destroyed

For the length of my days…

Oh Andúil’s sorrow!

Her addiction will never appease

Empty promises of pleasure

Only ever a tease

To keep the tender-hearted

Ever craving her dis-ease!

And so

One by one,

They return to Andúil

Begging on their scabby knees;

The tender-hearted, hooked and hollow eyed demand, “You must help us…” (and with a pitiful cry) “…please.”

And to the one who lost, yet overcame

No longer to be be sold,

Real compassion turns




A new tale

Now be told:

Of the battle betwixt mind and soul–

And of the Lion-hearted;

Deep within the fragile self,

Compassion’s seat–

A true stronghold—never again to be parted.

The end.


Thank you for journeying with me on this tale of hope and the human condition.

May these words inspire beauty, compassion and hope.

The Retelling of an Old Tale.

All Was Emptiness, Except For My Own Self.

The Price of Delusion

At The Water’s Edge.

Implications of Our Actions.

Dreams Within Dreams

I’m Stuck and Need Help! Please.🙏🏻

Andúil’s Sorrow

I’m Stuck and Need Help! Please.🙏🏻

December 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

A very Merry December to you all! I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

I’m stuck-in-muck writing the next chapter and need a bit of help making sense of the word COMPASSION and what it means to be COMPASSIONATE.

Can you please help me by sparing a moment to comment?

What is the meaning of COMPASSION?

How does one cultivate a COMPASSIONATE attitude towards suffering?

Is it better to be compassionate towards oneself or others?

As writers and thinkers–fellow members of humanity–I sure appreciate your kind thoughts and insights.

May your generosity be blessed.

With love and gratitude,

Thank You,