“Not My Buddha!”

January 27, 2021

Inspired by a conversation with my dear brother-in-law who is a practicing Buddhist.

“Buddha does not always appear as a Buddha. Sometimes He appears as an incarnation of evil, sometimes as a woman, a god, a king, or a statesman; sometimes He appears in a brothel or a gambling house…for those who are entangled in the web of worldly pleasures, He reveals the misery of the world.” (The Teachings of Buddha p. 34)

Buddha appeared in the world;

Disguised His Buddha nature

So only those who understood

His teachings–

Recognized Him as their own Self.

But those who shouted, “Not my Buddha! Not one of us!”

Failed to see the truth; revealed to the world–

Their own ignorance.

“People grasp at things for their own imagined convenience and comfort; they grasp at wealth and treasure and honors; they cling desperately to mortal life. They make arbitrary distinctions between existence and non-existence, good and bad, right and wrong…because of this, they must assume the illusions of pain and suffering.” (p. 53)


Waking up is simple.

Nothing special.

Anyone can

Accept life (and death)

As it is.

Joy and sorrow

Suffering and elation.

You and I are here now.

This is reality. Like

A passing dream.


Waking up and looking into one’s own dark heart is the real challenge.

Maybe (if you are

Like me) you

Realize how your past

Actions and choices have

Caused more suffering for

Yourself and others. Your

Desires got the best of you and now

You wake up to the realization

Your life is filled

With shame.


Even more devastating perhaps,

The realization that within all the people

You don’t particularly like is this same



You forget compassion.

You felt anger

Jealousy or even

Hatred towards

Them and


You are awake (just enough) to see that in the darkness of ignorance

God’s light shines through the cracks of your own broken-hearted

Buddha-nature. It’s enough to make you recoil in horror. It’s ok.

“Buddha-nature exists in everyone no matter how deeply it may be covered up over by greed, anger, and foolishness, or buried by his own deeds and retribution. Buddha-nature can not be lost or destroyed, and when all defilements are removed, sooner or later it will appear.” (p. 78)



The Teachings Buddha

Copyright © 1966 Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, Tokyo. Quoted with permission.