It’s About to Get Real Personal ðŸ’–

April 23, 2023

There are amongst us, (certain)

Individuals who

Because of adverse childhood experiences and

Patterning; learned to

Create “artificial conflict” in their intimate relationships–

As a way of maintaining a safe distance between themselves and their partners.

This is of course to protect their own self interests.

In these never-ending conflicts

There is no hope of healthy resolution.

No repairing of tears.

No coming together in solidarity for the purpose of

Deepening the connection and strengthening the bond.

No understanding.

No compassion.

No authenticity or trust.

No. Real. Joy.

As for the person on the receiving end of this crazy-making behavior?

This is my personal story. These are the hard lessons I learned through life, love, death and divorce. Perhaps you can relate.

To be continued…

©️NZain 2023 💖

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