Implications of Our Actions.

November 23, 2020

Continued from At The Water’s Edge.

Her name she said:


“What a pretty sound.”

Thought I. And

“Would you like to spend time with me?”

Became music to my ears.

So with Andúil did I go

And in her house did I stay; then

Began Andúil’s tale of sorrow—“

“I wondered what it was that took you so long to find me, Chai.” Sighed Arielle. And he with a quizzical look, “What do you mean, ‘took me so long to find you’? It was just a dream, right?”

“Oh Chai! Hold out your hand.”

And into Chaitanya’s outstretched hand, Arielle gently placed a half-crushed-blue-rose.

Chaitan now staring at the rose, now beginning to understand the implications of his actions, “Dear Ariellah I thought you dead! The life in your eyes no longer could I see! Your breath no longer could I feel…your sweet voice…”

And the tear that




Chaitanya’s cheek

Was not for himself alone






He cherished most.

The one he knew

He had failed

To remember…

–NZain 🙏🏻

To be continued…

Thank you for reading.