Paradise Eternal

October 9, 2021

Inspired by conversations with Suzanne today, on this particular morning, I am thankful for everyone who has graced this existence with love, joy and hope…and who continue to inspire.

Oh Blessed Mary, mother of my Lord who whispers,

“Surrender to Love and be changed”

You could I not see and

Struggled in vain, against Thee.

Yet in my search was I shown

An emerald heart upon Thy throne.

And now,

No earthly gems will ever satisfy this

Longing inside my soul to fly…into

Your breath breathing me

Within the walls of

This mortal body…a new life

Paradise eternal; when I close my eyes

You are with me—and I realize—

I am surrendered. I am changed.

With love and gratitude,

Nina 💚

In The Space Between Us

October 9, 2021

What is happening inside me now

In direct relation to you—is something new.

So, please bear with me as I find the ground beneath us shifting.

What happened to us before is nothing when seen from this perspective. And

What lies before us, is a mystery unfolding effortlessly…

…in the space between us.

With love and patience,


Compassionate Acts of Kindness

October 8, 2021

What is the most compassionate act of kindness I can do for you right now? Chances are, I need the same. And, if do this compassionate act of kindness for myself, will I know then what you need?

I’ll sit quietly and listen to what I hear inside. The inner voice whispering,

“Come closer, I have to tell you something…

…the part of me that thinks I made a terrible mistake needs to be held by the part of you that knows better.”

In loving kindness with patience and gratitude,



October 7, 2021


Standing alone

Facing each other

With all our scars and battle wounds

Exposed. Can we

Accept one another just as we are?

A mirror


A dream


This is




…precious few moments before we say our final goodbyes

And make our way


To the beginning—to the Source.

Yes, moments like theses are difficult to bear alone.

This, I understand.

You need me as much as I need you

To be vulnerable and trusting even when

All seems forsaken—accepting



All we have. And

All we have


This moment.

You standing alone,

With all your scars and battle wounds, facing me alone with all of mine;

A mirror reflected—

A dream revealed.

Can you accept




You see before you

I see as well?

Patiently waiting your reply,


Show Me As You Truly Are

October 6, 2021

New moon.

I am tired today. One more day of class. I can make it…

We did an exercise in ethics class on intention where we quietly sat with a partner and the questions were asked of each other internally:

How can I help you?”

Mmm….warm comforting healing giving nourishment.

How can I fix you?”

Makes me feel sick in my guts. I am not broken!

Show me as you truly are.” and my partner said to me:

“I saw you with sparkles—balls of light dancing all around you. Then I saw you lying on the grass with your arms out at your sides—and I realized that you were making the sparkles—they were coming from inside of you. You were laughing; playing with lights.”

Then she told me I bring joy to class. So why am I tearing up writing this?

Because he couldn’t see me as I truly am? Because he wanted to fix me?

And I him?

Show me as you truly are.”

Even if you are feeling grumpy today…show me. Know that I won’t try and fix you. And unless you tell me, I can’t help you. I can however, be with you as I truly am…playing and laughing with the sparkling balls of light inside of me.

Something to think about.

“How can I help you? How can I fix you? Show me as you truly are.”

With love and gratitude,

Nina 💓

Cornstarch Me

October 3, 2021

Good morning and happy Sunday! I’ve recently gone back to school to study massage therapy. In our first week of class, we learned a concept of “corn-starching”

Here is a short video that I hope explains the idea…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. How do you think the idea of “corn-starching” may apply to everyday life?

Thanks for watching and for sharing your thoughts!

With love and gratitude,

Nina 💓