Final Fare-Well to😊

January 3, 2019

A very sincere thank you to everyone here on WP. There is much I could say, but I will keep it simply–thank you.

This is the final post for Time to grow up. If not now, when? I will continue to write and explore–maybe even publish a book one day. NZain, poetess. Has a nice ring to it!

Until then, I look forward to reading more of your poems and stories and seeing your photos and art. I wish you all the best of success on your blogs!

My first post began with a Bible verse from the book of Isaiah “…I form the light and create the darkness…”

And so, my final post also begins…

That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”Isaiah 45: 6, 7

Great Spirit, You who are called by so many names and worshipped in so many ways, the One Living God; thank You for this life of mysterious wonders. Always am I reminded of Your presence everywhere, “I form the light and create darkness”.

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to believe You create evil. It hurts.

But then something miraculous happens when I dive deeply into Your infinite ocean of existence—my strength is revived.

Disquieted, I struggle against all fear and worry; ripped apart torn to shreds—until there is nothing left of me to fight. Dis-membered. Dis-illusioned.

You are ALL and I am a part, but never apart from You.

The light the dark, good, evil, suffering, healing…a mysteriously unfathomable unexplainable wondrously horrific and awesome existence. I surrender to You. There is nothing else and I have nothing to fear. Not even death.

You are ALL I see, taste, touch; I hear You and nothing else. Your fragrance is ever present.

And yet, sometimes, it hurts.

When attacks come from all directions and I am standing alone (or so I think) to defend myself…wait—what is it I am defending? Who are my enemies? You are All there is. And then, something miraculous happens.

Once again reminded of Your presence everywhere: I surrender and my enemies vanish. Disillusioned am I. There is only You and nothing else. And yet, sometimes, it still hurts…

The human heart may be fragile; however, the ego is strong defending its very existence against Your Love. A mystery.

And so, once again, I dive…


Nina Zain

Hanalei Bay at sunset. Photo by me.

Spoken Word with Steve:”I Can’t Believe Those Mice”🐭

January 1, 2020

Hello and happy New Year! Once again I’ve teamed up with Steve at Steve’s Country to present another delightful tale about mice. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy: “I Can’t Believe Those Mice”



PS. Thanks Steve for the open invitation to create more videos with your poetry. I see how you are trying to inspire me to keep blogging…it may just be working.

Winter magic❄️

December 28, 2019

The end of the old and beginning of the new! Woohoo! A time full of possibilities and endless creativity. A good time to ask:

What inspires me?

How can I contribute to society?

Who encourages me?

Where is happiness found?

I’m asking myself these questions for the first time, with a new perspective; fearlessly looking ahead with eyes opened–where will the road lead us? A new adventure. I’ve packed a heart-full of gratitude to lighten the load and see me through the dark days still to come…

Death and rebirth is a blessing; completely natural so be of good cheer!

On civilization’s long march towards humanity–towards civility, respect and decency–don’t give in to despair. We are worth the struggle. This, I am sure of. My faith is strong.

Keep struggling! We are not alone on this crazy awesome journey! The best is yet to come even as we lay the past to rest in the ruins of our folly. We have traveled so far and learned so much.

Today, I celebrate the beauty of the winter season. Harsh. Cold. Dark. And yet, there is hope in the winter sun.

Be well, dear friends. I wish us all a joyous and prosperous New Year! May God bless us.


NZain 💓

Dreaming of Summertime in the Garden…🔮

December 27, 2019

Brighter days are ahead–just around the corner. Are you ready? There is work to do, but today the ground is frozen, so I will keeping dreaming…

If today you struggle with fear, uncertainties and self-doubt–keep struggling! I know it may sound crazy, but it is in the struggle–the fight to keep pushing through self-limitations–that growth happens. Just ask the butterfly or the dragonfly.

Ask anyone who has struggled to grow up. Ask me how I know. 😉

Today, I have a heart-full of gratitude for all the kind people in my life who told me “don’t give up”. They were right. Ask for God’s blessings. (No joke!) What have you got to lose except fear, uncertainties and self-doubt. And who needs those anyway?


NZain 💓

Spoken Word with Steve, Muffin and Mr Cat.

December 17, 2019

Hello! I am delighted to present another Spoken Word, this time with Steve and Muffin from Steve’s Country. A great place to relax and laugh with friends and cup of coffee! Check out Steve’s beautiful nature photography…and more.

“Cats and Mice…a fun poem” is a charming tale of two internet cat buddies, Muffin and Mr. Cat; and mice who are throwing a party.

Thank you, Steve for your kindness, friendship and fun blog! Mr. Cat purrs his appreciation.😻