Love Sick💘 Chapter 2.

March 23, 2020


You pierced my heart full of tenderness and

I am love sick.

You infected my mind and now

My thoughts wild with fever

Burn only for



The death of me

How can I live alone without


This deep ache in my soul this

Longing this


To be


With You–

I want no cure for my pain

No medicine for my suffering

I am love sick

As I am learning a bit of Italian inspired by conversations with J I thought I would try an Italian translation with help from Google translator. And who doesn’t like an Italian love song?


Mi hai trafitto il cuore pieno di tenerezza e

Sono malato

Mi hai infettato la mente e ora

I miei pensieri sono selvaggi di febbre

Brucia solo per



La mia morte

Come posso vivere da solo senza


questo profondo dolore nella mia anima

questo desiderio


per sempre

con Voi–

non c’è cura per me

non voglio medicine per la mia sofferenza

Sono malato innamorato


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Good Morning, 💜 Chapter 1.

March 22, 2020

Deus, dona mihi serenitatem accipere res quae non possum mutare,

animos mutare res quae possum,

atque sapientiam differentiam cognoscere

—Reinhold Niebuhr Serenity Prayer*

Is it possible with just one word

Everything changes?

In one heartbeat

The prodigal son

Returns home.

Can it be this simple?


And this, accepting

What is


All is love.

Forgiving you I forgive me

Loving you

I love


Is this possible?

Imagine what would we become


All in love


One another

Exactly as we are with


God is All

And we are a part…

First the heart breaks

And then experiences



How is this possible?

One word:



*Latin translation by Google Translator.

Mr. Cat Says, “Get Plenty of Sunshine and Rest”😻

March 21, 2020

These are a couple of favorite spoken word pieces, one in collaboration with the very talented and dearRachel and the other a story about two falling angels. Hope you enjoy!



Spoken Word with Rachel ❤️

Two Angels Falling: A Fairy Tale🧚‍♂️

Shattered Chapter 6: Wake Up Call

March 20, 2020

“What time is it” he asked

“Time for us to talk” she said “I have some questions to ask…”

Have I ever lied to protect you

Lied to protect myself

Have I felt embarrassed and ashamed and kept silent because the thing was too painful to speak aloud

Have I smiled when there was no reason to smile when instead I should have cried

And have I cried when there was no reason

Did I do the best I knew how when I didn’t know any better

Could I have done anything differently

Would it change anything now

For better or for worse

Have I learned these painful lessons so deeply ingrained in the cracks of my heart—the glue holding me together—while the rest of me falls away

Have I become the woman I dreamt of when I was still a young girl

Am I stronger now those dreams are shattered

Am I awake or still dreaming and can I control the dream

Can I envision my future self and what she would say to me now if she heard me asking so many questions

What would she say?

What words of advice compassion or admonition would she offer me now in this dark hour of contemplation when all hope seems lost and I feel so utterly and totally alone—

Or would she say nothing at all and instead just simply show me


To all of the awesome bloggers who have kindly supported, liked, commented, and just generally been super cool humans–thank you. My deepest gratitude and appreciation.

While this story is personal, my hope is for the millions of people who struggle with abuse, addiction and loving those who suffer with addiction, they may see themselves here and find courage to continue the daily battle to overcome whatever demons they may face. We are not alone. May God bless us.

Growing Up Shattered. Introduction

Shattered Chapter 1: Acceptance

Shattered Chapter 2: Meditation on Grieving the Loss of Childhood.

Shattered Chapter 3: Listen to Your Dreams Unfolding

Shattered Chapter 4:Reflections on the Irrational and Transcendental.

Shattered Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour Before the Dawn

Shattered Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour Before the Dawn

March 20, 2020

In the darkest hour before the dawn

She wonders as she always has

Who would do such a thing?

Why so much anger?

Dry your tears little girl

He is not coming back.

She asked all the wrong questions and she knew it.

Loving someone with addictions

(Itself an addiction) may just be

The darkest expression of the human condition.

And. Completely. Impersonal.

This has nothing to with you. Accept this. Now.

Right now before you let another day slip by wondering

All the wrong questions. Again.

And the urge to help someone, to “fix” them–

Is itself only one more fix that never can satisfy

Never fill the ache

In your heart. Understand

Hope is just a hook to keep you sedated one more day.

You are the drug.

And you must quit or be consumed.

“He is a decent man” she thinks to herself.

Yes. A part of the divine.

“And he is hurting inside.”

Yes. This is also true.

“My heart is breaking.”


“Are you still there?” she says aloud. “Whoooo!” cries the owl.

He stirs from his sleep

“What time is it?”

“Time for us to talk. There is something I need to ask you…”