Growing Up Compassionate: Beginnings.

December 5, 2020

My Dearly Beloved,

In accepting you,

Exactly as you are—no

More, no less susceptible to suffering

Than me—

I am respectfully and


Letting you go.

I cannot suffer for you


Suffering with you


Causing me more pain

Than I know

What to do with…I don’t know

How to help you anymore.

Your own unwillingness to let go

And accept




Your own broken heart is breaking mine.

If only you could see in yourself as I see you.

Beautiful. Kind. Strong.

If only you could see in me as I do…your projections are but a dim light

Cast on who I truly am inside; and please understand–

I want to shine!

Inside and out I want to shine with

A warm glow for all to see!

Maybe one day you too will see…and glow.

Until then, I will keep you safely in my prayers right where you belong.

Yours truly,


To be continued…


Thank you for reading.