Merry Christmas Future Mother.✨

December 25, 2020

Continued from Grandpa’s Perpetual Compassion Dynamo. “A Complex Machine”

Dear future Mother,

Merry Christmas! I hope with all my heart and soul to meet you one day, and I pray to God your own parents be both kind, loving and generous. This world is a confusing, difficult place at times, dark and cruel; but don’t fear, mom—because in time you will come to understand just how courageous you truly are!

May your own mother teach you from the very beginning with patience and understanding and may you listen to her wise counsel even when you think you know more than she. Don’t turn away in anger against her if she admonishes you—believe me—Grandmother only wants what is best for you so you may grow up to be a healthy, happy woman with children of your own one day.

May your father (my grandfather) also teach you with kindness, patience and humility how to respect and love yourself so that you may respect and love your neighbors. This may be the most difficult lesson you will need to learn in life, so listen carefully to him and remember that he too had to learn from his father and no one is perfect.

If you can understand this, you can achieve all that your heart aspires to and more! The potential of you knows only the bounds of your own imagination. So be careful, mom that you don’t let your imagination run too wild! I know this may be hard to hear, but please mom, for my sake—take care of yourself and your thoughts. There are those in this world who would have you believe all kinds of nonsense and lies about yourself. They would soon have you hating yourself for no good reason at all and trust me, mom: that’s not what our Heavenly Father intends for us! Yes, mom. Your Father and mine. Please remember this.

Somewhere in the world my future dad is going to find and ask you to marry him and I am so excited to meet him one day too! I hope he will be handsome and smart…and funny. (and I hope he likes animals) More than anything, I hope he will be a considerate man and that you will feel well-loved and cherished. Mom, take good care of dad and treat him well, remembering always (if you can) to be gentle and kind and compassionate with him. Respect, you are each other’s most precious gift to one another! Together, with love as your guiding light: there is nothing you can’t overcome! When times are tough, you are tougher together!

Trust that you both are honest decent people just doing your best to raise me to be a healthy happy woman with children of my own one day.

There is so much more I want to say to you, mom, but we will (God willing) have plenty of time together in the future. Until then, I will keep you and dad in my prayers and hope your families are safe and sound this year–keeping the Christmas spirit alive and well!


Your future loving daughter. (I wonder what name you will give to me?)

Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas to all!


Grandpa’s Perpetual Compassion Dynamo. “A Complex Machine”

December 19, 2020

This next chapter is written in collaboration with my dear engineering husband who understands both complex machinery and compassion.

Continued from Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

A complex machine.

“Come, Jenny and sit in the operator’s seat.” Grandpa stood up to reveal an old metal chair with what looked like wire braids attached to it. “It’s a part of the machine.”

“Is that knob real gold?” Jenny’s bright eyes were now wide with fascination, “Where did you find it, Grandpa?”

“Yes, real gold, Jenny! Precious metals have interesting electrical properties, you know.” and then with a sigh, “I wish I could afford to experiment with them more!”

A gold knob, just the right size, attached to a gear, and behind it, more gears. A light touch of the gold knob made the many gears move round and round spinning and whirring in what Jenny called, “a dance”.

“Grandpa,” pointing to a rather large braided wire, “is that wire also made of gold?”

“That’s called a Hepta Litz configuration. Have you ever heard of anything so silly? Seven strands of gold and functionally perfect sliver. And do you see those wires, the ones so carefully wrapped in the donut shape? I know you like donuts. (Jenny blushed and giggled in agreement) That donut is called a toroid and it took me years to wrap all those wires–years and years! They had to be just right you know.”

The more Jenny looked, the more wires and gears and bits she saw.

“I feel electricity when I touch the knob!”

“Of course you do. You’ve become a part of the circuit. The most important part!” And with a serious twinkle in grandpa’s eye, “I searched the whole world over to find just the right charge storing device, my dear granddaughter. I experimented with axial designs. I tried radial designs. I even tried using tantalum, have you ever heard of tantalum? (Jenny shook her head) It’s special and rare, but not special enough.

You, dear Jenny–because you naturally and instinctively understand what it means to be compassionate—are the special part!”

“I am?” Jenny squealed with delight.

“Go ahead and turn the knob Jenny, but remember to focus your thoughts on what it means to be compassionate, ok?”

“Ok, Grandpa. Got it!”

And turn the knob she did…

…one gear touching another and another, her small motion amplified many times.

Large magnets moved in circles close to more gold wires and she began to see a warm glow from inside pretty glass tubes buried deep within the complex machine. Then Jenny turned to her grandpa with eyes as big as dinner plates as she had the distinct sense of her hair standing on end.

“Yes, my dear granddaughter, remember: the more we focus our thoughts (inside) on compassion–, the more compassion we make (outside) in the world!”

Thank you for reading, your “likes” and comments! I appreciate each one.

To be continued.

NZain & O 😊

I Am America.

December 15, 2020

I am America.

In order to create a more perfect Union

To stand united together on solid ground

Able to withstand the storms of life–

Without losing faith in Almighty God

Without losing hope

In a more perfect way—

I must remain ever watchful

Lest doubt and fear take hold. But

I am America and

I am not perfect.

I turned away from God’s law and listened to liars.

I believed the lie and lost my way. Now

The price I must pay…

The price I must pay is

Regret and


My cities are dying.

My people hate me.

I am divided. I have failed.

What will you do with me now? I accept

My judge is my executioner. But for

Your people’s sake,

Oh Lord

Do Not

Turn away from me!

With tenderness and mercy show compassion for my suffering and forgiveness for my sins.

Lead me back to You that I may grow up in the fullness of Your grace!

Keep me in Your embrace as a loving Father with His newborn child.

Teach me by example that I may be an example for the whole world to witness—

Fulfilling the promise of a more perfect union.

Do not give up on me.

Do not give up on Your people.

I am America.

I am brought to my knees and

I ask Your forgiveness.

Repentance is medicine for the broken-hearted.

Together may we stand united once more for the sake of our one people, our one nation under one loving God, indivisible with liberty and justice for All!

For the sake of all people and all nations.

For the glory of God. Amen.

I am America and I will not survive this storm alone.

Pray for me.

Pray for my people.

If my people will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways…then I will hear, forgive and heal.

11 Chronicles 7:14.


Last Out of The Box.

December 14, 2020

If we have

No more faith

In our

Electoral college and

We voluntarily give up our voting rights to machines—then

This is it. The end of our America as we know it.

The idea of Self-governance is an impossibility.

Lay down your freedom.

Are you ready for this?

Because you lose what you fail to protect!

Do you not understand?

You would sacrifice






In this world

For the

“Promise” of

Something better…(that you really think will make you happier?)

Others likewise have believed. Then they learned the hard truth. The hard way.

Some (my own grandparents included)

Found refuge in America.

Listen to their stories.

They know




Are at risk

To lose…

…Still, it is not too late. Isn’t Hope always

Last out of the box?

And the best stories the ones where the hero overcomes all self-doubts at the eleventh hour, rediscovers courage deep within and just when all hope seems bloody lost and–a sign appears in the sky.


Thank you for reading. May God bless…

You Chop I Stack…

December 13, 2020

…together the work gets done! And when you and I together, sit side by side– both warming ourselves by the fire–we share equally in the rewards of our labor. This, have I learned from nature: no one can take this away from me!

Not by ideological force or deception, coercion or theft; no, not even by silly name calling! I can’t stop the violence now going on all around me; (let it come) I can however, stop the violence within me. The battle is already won and God is victorious! Do you not understand?

So even when all seems lost and nothing but a hopeless nightmare, do I know deep down within my heart–this life that I call ‘mine’ is but an ever-passing dream! And one day, one day I will wake up…but today–today there is wood to chop–and stack.


Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

December 12, 2020

This story about an imaginative grandfather who likes to invent, and his likewise inquisitive granddaughter Jenny, is inspired by a kindhearted soul who wishes to remain anonymous. M’dear, you know who you are.

Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo

“Hi Grandpa! Whatcha making?”

“Well, this here Jenny, is a Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo”

“What’s perpetchool…?”

“A perpetual-motion machine: this means something like, ‘the more compassion we give, the more more compassion we receive’. Does this make sense?”

“Hmmm…” and then after a long thoughtful moment, “Grandpa, what’s compassion?”

Grandpa looked deep into his young granddaughter’s eyes and seeing his own inquisitive nature reflected back at him, “Jenny, do you remember the time when we were in the playground with your grandmother and a little boy fell off the swing and was crying, and you ran over to him and helped him up and said ‘it’s ok, little boy, I’ll help you’ and you did! You helped that little boy get back up on his feet.”

Jenny nodded and then smiled, “Yeah, he was scared, but he was ok. That’s compassion?”

“That’s just one example of compassion. There’s plenty more ways to be compassionate. And that Jenny–is exactly why your old grandpa is building this compassion generator!”

“To generate more compassion? Hmmm…so how does it work, Grandpa?”

“Can you think of other ways to be compassionate?”

“Mmhuh. I think so.”

“Ok then, Jenny do you see this gold knob? I want you turn it to the right—just like this—and think about other ways you know how to show compassion.”

Jenny closed her eyes for a moment and then, “Ok. Got it, Grandpa!” And she turned the gold knob and the dynamo began to spin and ‘whirrrr’. To Jenny’s delight a soft light began to glow. “Wow Grandpa! It works! It really works!”

“It sure does, Jenny! It sure does.”

“Wait a minute, Grandpa…why does it work?”

To be continued…


Thank you for reading chapter 1. But why does Grandpa’s Perpetual-motion Compassion Dynamo work? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😉

“In a Perfect World”

December 11, 2020

“In a perfect world.”

How many times these words crossing the lips of the disgruntled (myself included) have

Caused more unnecessary suffering in a world that already hurts?

“In a perfect world wars would not exist!

And neither would I.

In a perfect world no...!”

No ‘what’?

No shortcomings or faults?

How limited our understanding of


And how we limit ourselves…

I am not perfect.

I am just right.

And I live, in a world, that is, just right.

Oh I could go on; try to convince you and

Write a thousand and eight ways in which this world already is—

But what’s the point?

You won’t believe me and I will just be wasting precious time.

No. I won’t try to convince you of anything.

I will just calmly carry on (perfectly contented) and perform all the necessary little things I need to complete all tasks at hand and make this a most splendid day!

And tonight, when at last, I rest my tired body knowing full well tomorrow (God willing) I have another opportunity to continue to bring to completion all that remains–I will with love and gratitude genuinely—thank all.

I won’t try and convince you.

It really is this simple.

The inspiration to write this piece by Lorene M. who passionately writes about writing and has just recently joined the WP community. Thank you Lorene for brightening my day! 😊