Bittersweet Life! Oh What a Trickster You Are!

January 1, 2022

When the unexpected but hoped for thing happened (and quite out of the blue)

And when it became clear that All would be well despite appearances to the contrary—

She decided it was a good time to stop feeling bad and instead light a little light in her heart. And so she chose. Always, it was her choice.

But who alone can carry on without some Hope and reassuring words of Perseverance?

Ignoring the cruel remarks of those who so desperately wanted to keep company…she instead listened to the deep sighs of her own breath exhaling and the gentle sound of her heart beating in time with the rhythm of life.

“Bittersweet Life! Oh what a trickster you are! I can’t help but laugh at your absurd jokes!”

And when she looked around and saw the sorry state she was in, covered in muck, she thought, “How would it be to grow as a Lotus flower?”

No sooner did the thought arise, she felt a tingling sensation in her limbs, urging her not to push against, but to pull up with all her strength and determination.

Up and out.

Her legs reaching past the point of breaking—she would not fall down. Not this time. She would not let pain and discomfort bribe her back into the pit. She would not let their guilty cries distract her from realizing her one true nature.

Joy. Freedom. Love.

She let out a powerful scream, “I AM WORTHY!” And then, with a final exhale, exhausted she softly lay her head down in the cool green grass beside a clear flowing spring, resting her body and soul deeply in God’s peace she discovered she knew…

What is it she discovered? Share your thoughts in the comments!

With love and gratitude,

©️ NZain 💚