“You are My Beloved…”

November 27, 2022

She was given a precious gift, which she would not receive. In her closed fist, she could not hold the warmth of its love. She struggled (in vain) against the weight of its truth…

Until one day–

She dropped (all pretenses) down to her skinned knees and let go (in a flood of tears) a heavy burden she had carried for so long.

And in exchange–

She received (finally and without much effort) the precious gift she had always longed for.

True Love so strong lifted her up (gracefully and effortlessly) to a place higher than her own fears.

A quiet place of perfect peace where The Source of All Love flows from an infinite spring (unsullied and unhurried…)

And in the stillness of her mind,

she heard clearly the sweet voice of God

(arising from the wounds of her heart)


“You are My Beloved…”

NZain. 💓

Seems I am not yet able to respond to your lovely comments. Technical glitch. Do know however, I am always so grateful to read each and every kind word expressed and shared here by each and every one of You!

Please keep sharing! What do you hear the voice of God say to you?

With so much love and gratitude,

Nina 🤗

Author: NZain


2 thoughts on ““You are My Beloved…””

  1. My God…and the HUMAN CHRIST with in ME Says:

    Love Life.
    Live Love.


    “that is where you will find me, MY BELOVED!

    Thanks, Crew! I hear God speaking to me, Nina.

    He has many name, OUR GOD.

    One of those names is Nina.

    From the Mouth of God in ME!

    Thank you, Nina. RIGHT ON TIME!


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