If Only…One Day.

November 12, 2022

While speaking to a friend about loved ones who have passed, I asked him:

“What question would you ask God?” My friend wanted to know why God took the best of us–the ones he loved most.

Why is a mystery.

Sadness stings the heart

Memories when we were young

If only…one day.

Dear Lord,
My friend has a question for You.
He wants to know why
Is the sky blue?
The depths of Your love revealed
In butterfly wings
Your mystery concealed.

What would You have him know about the best of us who must ALL follow our own paths back to You…in ways and times that seem as unlikely as a caterpillar flying?

Lord, I confess the longing in my heart if only…one day to be with my friends and family again whom I miss—in my struggle here separated on earth—while they are at rest united with You in a place I hear is called Heaven.

And how would You have me live today to be of comfort and joy for a world so desperately in need of what was lost…and stolen from us?

In silence I listen, for the voice of God speaks softly to me ever present like the wind…

Like the wind, the Spirit blows where it will (see John 3:8).

Please share your thoughts. As always, I appreciate you!


Author: NZain


13 thoughts on “If Only…One Day.”

  1. My sister-in-law recently died, 7 weeks after being unexpectedly diagnosed with numerous cancers. She had been fine until a few weeks before the diagnosis and only went to the doctor as she was feeling under the weather. Another friend, and mum of 2 children under 7, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 cancer. Often life and death don’t make sense to us. All we can do is hold these people and situations up to God …

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  2. Nina, you always inspire. I remember asking similar questions when my mom passed in 2012, I miss her every day. This life we are born into is only the beginning of a life we cannot understand fully until God calls us back to himself. We are his children and he wants us home with him. It is all very deep and complex and I am not a trained theologian, but I love this C.S.Lewis quote, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” Much love Nina 💚🤗 🙏🏻

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  3. When my girls were young, there were times I did what was best for them, for the greater good. They did not understand at the time, but when they grew up, they have come to me and shared how they have went through a similar situation and now know how I must have felt back then. And now they finally understand. Sometimes our Heavenly Father will let us know the whys in the here and now, but other times, we will only find out on the other side of eternity. This one thing we do know, we WILL know ONE DAY.

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  4. You know, I’m oddly reminded of that old Sesame Street episode, where Mr. Hooper died.

    “Because. Just because.”

    My mom died of stage 4 cancer in August 2021, and surely there were a lot of questions. But as time goes by, I realized that there is a reason. We humans won’t understand it, but God — with all his omniscience — is the only one who knows.

    The reason why she died, and why many of our friends and relatives left too soon, would remain “just because” while we’re on Earth. While we figure out bits and pieces as to why over the years, God has the bigger picture.

    (On a more positive note, it’s nice to see you around these parts after a while.) 🙂

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  5. Some things God gives us to understand, other things he keeps for Himself, until one day when we shall know when we are with Him forever. We need to be satisfied with knowing that God knows, He loves us and though we miss our loved ones, they are in a far, far better place, rejoicing in peace and happiness that can only be known there. We shall join them again.
    So nice to see you back again Nina! I miss seeing you here, Muffin misses her Mr. Cat too!
    I hope you have a most wonderful week Nina! And I hope you will have time to stop by more often! 😊😻

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      1. Hi Nina! So nice to hear from you again! I guess you are quite busy these days. I hope all is well. Are you working full time in your new profession now? I am praying for you. I hope you have a wonderful week Nina! 😻🖐️😊


  6. What Spirits May Raise Up For Home

    In the Spirit of me are the many spirits of grace and vice ever looking and watching fore and tween the right and the left and just above, and what is with-in view, they have in mind.

    While they war and either winning and loosing – scarred rights for left’s scarring; The charred and blood-rose-grey Hugh of the ashes left where once lived – and soared dreaming my riding towards The Home where my love is.

    There, below the warming minds within my mind, my heart my body and my life – and as fodder – is a smoldering heap That is faintly illuminated by strange tendrils of glowing and curling smoke rising still warmly and very thinly…

    …and below that, are clumped ashes tumbling down for the Love found in Gravity.

    Spirits do reveal themselves when they rise for Grace or hubris in my Spirit’s nature to create, by The Image bestowed upon me; and Always within His Word of Creation…love or fear and hate, and/or Good and Evil.

    “Oh Lord. Raise me from the Dead and into life and Love in God.
    Raise my Spirit High and Bright with Fire and Light, For You alone I love and rise up. My life. My Love.”

    A muffled sweet song of renewal clears as the Charred mound begins to perforate; cracks parting and copper light bounding and ingrate-ing fine detainment.

    Many ingratiated vice-full Spirits begin to storm the plank towards empowered escape as bright wings now emerge and rise flaming and bright.

    My Love blocks them for still calling me home…

    …He Calls for the Graceful Ones as they Board what must soon surely rise.

    Brian C – 11/3/2023 on A very good Friday morning.

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