Remembering How on That Day the World Changed Once Again…For Ever. 🙏🏻

September 11, 2022

Remembering how on that day the world changed once again…for ever.

Do you remember ‘that day’? How has your life changed? And how are you adapting to change? Here, I know—I am traveling in good company. There is no reason to hide from changes already made.

Everywhere I look, beauty surrounds me, even behind me. And presently, I am looking forward (and both ways) before crossing this road into my future. Who knows what changes I will discover along the way…for ever.


Author: NZain


12 thoughts on “Remembering How on That Day the World Changed Once Again…For Ever. 🙏🏻”

  1. you’re MAKING IT HAPPEN!

    Oh My God!

    You have a crew!
    You vision.
    You have a full heart!

    Now, am looking in The right direction.

    The light Of God!


    I love you

    You have no idea (no, you do…) how grateful, I AM.

    In other words, “Thank God” for The Crew!

    Peace…and Love.


  2. And Loving God is my focus. Give glory only to God.

    We then may (if you choose) transcend mere good and evil.

    Keep your eye on God, make your choices. PRAY.

    Miracles happen. The sick are healed. The dead come to life.

    And remember, Jesus showed his wounds as HEALED when he came back to prove there is eternal life : as demonstrated. ROFL.

    We, The Crew reaching for God and God only…and still having to navigate good and evil, will be healed. We Will!

    And we will all be, In Love…and Life, With God.

    For God is life. And Life is Love if we keep our eyes on that.

    Love you.

    One of the crew.

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    1. Thank you always for being a part of this, M’dear Cranky. I can’t do it alone. Nor do I want to.
      With eyes full of love…looking only towards God—seeing God in everything and everyone…😍


    1. I’m remembering the power found in a mustard seed.

      We ARE blessed so greatly by so little.

      BUCK-UPPED my eye to the big sky. We may bow in supplication before God, OR…we can raise Our Eyes to heaven and give glory and Praise.


      I look where he’s looking because he pointed.

      And I looked up in prayer.

      A mustard seed…begins with hope.

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